Carruthers, J R Private 75059, RAMC, in France, H9-1916.

Carter, Leslie Paine Father - Charles Carter, 22 Brackenbury Road, Preston. Head Master of Elementary School. Leslie born 1st February 1894. Orchard Street Elementary School. PGS 12th September 1904 to 25th July 1912. First class honours, July 1912, senior candidates, Oxford local examinations. Exempted from London Matriculation. Goodair Scholarship (£40 for 4 years). Special Prizes, Scripture; Drawing. School Cricket Captain, 1912, H12-1913. Liverpool University, 1912. University Battery of Lancashire Royal Engineers, H1-1915, H1-1916. Miller House, Captain of cricket three years ago, holds a commission in the Royal Engineers. Remembered for a fondness for miniature mechanicals and driving trams around the town, H9-1915. Liverpool University, H10-1919. PGSA No109, 14th October 1912. Woodcar, Liverpool Road, Penwortham, near Preston. 1 Highview Avenue, Edgware, Middlesex.

Cartmell, Cyril "Mr Cyril Cartmell's company of the Pals Battalion, LNL (Regulars)", H9-1914. D Company, 7th Loyal North Lancashires (Preston Pals), H1-1915. Captain, D Company 7th LNL (Preston Pals), H1-1916. Cyril Cartmell's son in November 2008 gave information that his father had transferred from The Loyals into the King's Own Royal Lancasters as Captain and Adjutant.

Cartmell, Eric (Eric seems to be Alec.) Fourth son of the Chairman of the Governors and six times Mayor of Preston, very dangerously wounded in France, H10-1918. LDP 27th September 1918 reported that 2nd Lt Alec Cartmell seriously wounded last week with a bullet in the shoulder which deflected and pierced a lung. Mr and Mrs Cartmell (Mayoress - Mrs Annie Cartmell) hurried to France. On 1st October a report that he was making progress. Whilst in France (on this occasion?) the Mayor visited the Preston Pals and was shocked at how few were left. Another report suggests that of the original 250 about 200 had died or were wounded and out of action.

Carwin, Sidney Father - Jonathan William Carwin, 27 Garstang Road, Fulwood, Preston. Engineer and Surveyor. Sidney born 25th February 1901. Fulwood Church (Christ Church) Elementary. PGS 16th January 1911 to 25th July 1914. Apprenticed to Plumber. Miller House, H12-1913. Bugler, Royal Field Artillery, H2-1918. (This item would have been compiled during January 1918 and Sidney would then have been a month or more short of his 17th birthday). Name match but he is the only S Carwin known.

Cater, Second Lieutenant, Royal Engineers, H11-1917. (Possibly spelling error for Carter? There was a "Cater" in WW2 so it may be correct. Boy in School of an age to serve 1914-18 not yet found.)

Charnley, Arthur Father - Thomas Charnley, 17 East View,Deepdale, Preston.1922. Secretary of a Limited Company. Arthur born 4th September 1900. Moor Park Wesleyan School. PGS 17th September 1912 to 20th December 1916. Free Place. Form Upper 3B Prize 1913, H12-1913. Lower Certificate July 1915. Higher Certificate July 1916. Articled Clerk, Chartered Accountants. Released from HM Forces, H4-1919.

Christian, John Father - John Christian, Broad Oak, Cop Lane, Penwortham,Preston. Master Builder, retired. John born 5th March 1900. Mrs Davis' West Cliff Private School. PGS 19th September 1911 to 22nd December 1914. Army in June 1916. OTC, H9-1915. Liverpool Scottish, H1-1916. NB: Which OTC? If he was in Liverpool Scottish when Hoghtonian for January 1916 was being prepared he was only 15 years old.

cross Coates, Arthur NOT on the Memorial. Father - Thomas Coates, Woodleighton, Fulwood. Arthur born 29th December 1892. PGS September 1901 to ? CWG: Arthur Coates, 2nd Lieutenant, 4th Battalion Yorkshire Regiment, 23 years. Died 27th October 1916. Son of Thomas Coates of Fulwood. Pier and Face 3A and 3D Thiepval Memorial. Woodleighton is on east side of Garstang Road, near St Pius X School.

Conner, James Father - James Conner, 2 Powis Road, Ashton-on-Ribble, Preston. Manager, English Electric Manufacturing Company. James born 12th May 1891. Kilmarnock Academy. PGS September 1902 to ?DEAD Private, Liverpool Scottish, H1-1915. Reported to be recovering from gas poisoning, H9-1915. H1-1916. Reported to be dead(?1922 ?) but there was a James Conner, Junior, in PGSA post-1925.

Constable, Alfred Bertie BA, BSc (Oxon). Born 23rd March 1886. Probation 15th September 1915, definitive appointment 10th October 1916. Science Master, replaced Mr Cutner. Left 24th July 1920. BA Oxford 1912; BSc Oxford 1913. County School for Boys, Bromley, September 1913 to September 1915. In the Army 2nd August 1917, demobbed on 17th February 1919, the date he returned to School. Harris House Master, H1-1916. Committee member of the School War Savings Association, H1-1917. Stationed at Romford, attached to 2nd Battalion, Artists' Rifles, H11-1917. Is in the Chemists' Section, Artists' Rifles, stationed at Trinity College, Cambridge, prior to being commissioned in the Royal Engineers, H2-1918. Returned to Staff during Spring Term 1919,H4-1919.

Corless, George Matthew Father - James Corless, School Farm, Whittingham. Joiner. George shown as age 13, born 1890. Oliverson's Elementary School, Goosnargh. PGS 16th September 1903 to April 1908. Headmaster's Secretary. Left the School at the end of Christmas Term 1914 to enlist. Joined Army Service Corps, H1-1915. Stationed in Egypt, 1916. Somewhere in the Near East, H2-1918. Brother of Richard, H4-1919.

Corless, James Edward Father - John Corless, 97 Lowndes Street, Preston. 1922. Joiner. James born 18th December 1899. Fulwood & Cadley School. PGS 17th September 1912 to 28th July 1917. Harris Football Second XI, outside left, 1913, H12-1913. Upper 4th 1915. Lower Certificate July 1915. Higher Certificate July 1916. Debating Society, School football Third XI, Harris vice-captain from last term, H1-1917. Student Teacher. Cadet, Royal Flying Corps, H2-1918. Released, H4-1919.

Crick, E S V W East Yorkshire Regiment, at Salonica, H6-1918.

cross Crozier, Henry Cyril War Memorial. Father - Richard Crozier, 88 Victoria Road, Walton-le-Dale, Preston. Cashier. Second document: 6 North Ribble Street, Walton-le-Dale. Henry born 10th May 1888. PGS September 1901 to ? CWG: Henry Cyril CROZIER, Serjeant, 12th Battalion York & Lancaster; Died 1st July 1916. Service Number 12/628. Military Medal (posthumous). Pier and Face 14A and 14B Thiepval Memorial. Press report 24th February 1917: Sergeant H C Crozier, 27 years, awarded the MM posthumously for his actions during the great advance at the Somme on July 1st. Sergeant Crozier fell in the advance whilst leading his men gallantly to the attack, crying "Come along, lads, they can't shoot for nuts". Sergeant Crozier was a teacher in Sheffield when he enlisted. (Note the two spellings of Serj(g)eant, Serjeant being correct for the York and Lancasters.)

Crutchley, Percy St John Father - Frederick W Crutchley, Stanley House, Watling Street Road, Fulwood, Preston. Lenwood, Quarry Bank, Heswall. Assurance Superintendent. Percy born 23rd March 1898. The Liverpool Institute. PGS 14th January 1913 to 25th July 1914. Junior Clerk, Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank. Royal Field Artillery, H11-1917.

Cumpstey, John Latus Father - John Latus Cumpstey, Lea Woods 51 Watling Street Road Fulwood. Tallow Chandler. John born 16th May 1889 PGS April 1901 to ? From the press report of Percy Cumpstey's death it would appear that a brother was in hospital, wounded?, serving in the Royal Fusiliers. By a process of elimination it is probable that John Latus 3rd is the brother of Percy and William. There were four sons, only three have been found at PGS and only two positively identified in the Forces. This is provisional, making a record until confirmation of the name is obtained.

cross Cumpstey, Percy War Memorial. Father - John Latus Cumpstey, Lea Woods, 51 Watling Street Road, Fulwood, Preston. Soap Manufacturer. Percy born 19th October 1892. PGS April 1902 to ? Modern with Latin. Lancashire Daily Post, obituary, 17th March 1917: Pte Percy Cumpstey, 24, of Watling Street Road, Fulwood who served in the Royal Fusiliers, attached to a Trench Mortar Battery, died of wounds in a Rouen hospital on the 11th inst. Pte Cumpstey, who was an old Preston Grammar School boy, enlisted in February 1916 and went to France early in August last year. Before becoming a soldier he was a clerk in the Manchester and Liverpool District Bank at Blackpool. He was a son of the late Mr John Cumpstey, tallow manufacturer, of Preston, and a grandson of ex-Councillor Cumpstey. Two of the deceased's brothers, who are in the Army, are in hospital, one having served in the Loyal North Lancashires and the other in the Royal Fusiliers. Lancashire Daily Post, 17th March 1917. Deaths - Died of Wounds: Cumpstey. On March 11th 1917, Pte Percy Cumpstey, aged 24 years, Royal Fusiliers attached Trench Mortar Battery, died of wounds at 8th General Hospital, Rouen, fourth son of the late Mr and Mrs J L Cumpstey, of Fulwood. CWG: Percy CUMPSTEY, Private, A Company 11th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers; 24 years; died 11th March 1917. Service Number 2064. Son of John Latus and Ada Cumpstey, Fulwood. II.D.7A Bois Guillaume Communal Cemetery. Preston Memorial: 167 Watling Street Road, Fulwood. Bank Clerk. 11th Battalion Royal Fusiliers attached to the 54th Trench Mortar Battery. Private 2064. Died of wounds received on the Somme. (Was he doing the historic and original task of a Fusilier to defend the Artillery against enemy infantry attacks, or were they short of Gunners and drafted extras from the infantry?) John Latus Cumpstey was PGSA No 55. There are generations of John Latus Cumpstey at Lea Woods. The first came to Preston from Blackburn about 1864, set up his business; Town Councillor; Board of Guardians up to his death, and died 13th October 1914 in his 89th year. He was predeceased by his wife and children. What is important here is that JLC, PGSA member number 55, was at the School until 1904, joined PGSA in 1912, was a member in 1925. He must have been JLC the 3rd whilst Percy's father must have been JLC the 2nd, who therefore died between Percy and William entering the School and the death of JLC 1st. The PGSA member 55 must have been the brother of Percy and William. Presumably because of his name he was the elder brother. Did he serve in the Great War? He attended the 18th Annual Dinner on 15th December 1939 and lived at Elsinore on Garstang Road, which is near St Pius X School.

Cumpstey, William Father - John Latus Cumpstey, Lea Woods, 51 Watling Street Road, Fulwood, Preston. Soap Manufacturer. William born 20th September 1891. PGS April 1902 to ? Modern with Latin. Lance-Corporal, 4th Loyal North Lancashires, reported to have been injured, H9-1915. H1-1916.