Deane, Arthur Noel Father - Arthur Deane, Rose Villas, Longridge; 1922. Head Master of an Elementary School. Arthur born 17th January 1895. Longridge Boys' Elementary. PGS 14th September 1908 to 8th April 1914. Private coaching for Civil Service exams. Junior clerk in The Admiralty. Royal Marines Light Infantry, H11-1917. On 10th December 1918 was on board HMAS Brisbane in the Black Sea. Boarded at Chanak on 9th, 4pm, steamed through the Narrows, entered the Marmora Sea, to Constantinople about 10.30pm, anchored overnight. 7am sailed for the Bosphorus, anchored off the Golden Horn. Two RN destroyers came down the Bosphorus escorting the Goeben. Left Constantinople 2.30pm for Sevastopol to take over police duties from the departed Germans. Food on board was excellent with large supplies of butter, which he had not tasted for eighteen months.

Deane, Norman Father - Arthur Deane, Rose Villas, Longridge; 1922. Head Master of an Elementary School. Norman born 16th July 1899. Smith's CofE, Longridge. PGS 19th September 1911 to 28th July 1917. LCC Exhibition May 1912. Lower Certificate 1914. Higher Certificate July 1916, July 1917. Captain of Goodair, H6-1918. Military Service. TRB, Training Reserve Battalion, H11-1917. Stationed at Filey in the Border Regiment and is on the teaching staff of the Brigade School, H2-1918. Released, H4-1919. Non.Coll Oxford, H10-1919.

Derham, Thomas Hanson Crossfield Dr PGS July 1884. 1885. 3rd Form 1886. Was at Edinburgh University 1891. 1893-94 - MB, Buchanan Scholarship in Gynaecology, Edinburgh. PCP1891. PGSA No 3, June 1913 Life Member. Councillor, Albert Terrace, Garstang Road, Preston. School Governor at time of opening Moor Park buildings, H12-1913. Captain, RAMC, Territorial, attached to 4th Battalion, Loyal North Lancashires, H9-1914, H1-1915, H1-1916. Army List August 1918 gives Captain from 1st July 1912. Albert Terrace is the block immediately next to English Martyrs' Presbytery.

Dodd, Arthur Leigh Father - Henry Dodd, 12 Ribblesdale Place, Preston. Solicitor. Arthur born 27th September 1889. PGS January 1900 to ? Classical. Lieutenant, 3rd City Battalion, King's Liverpool Regiment, H1-1915, H1-1916. Army List August 1918 gives 19th Service (3rd City) Battalion, the senior Captain in the Battalion, dating from 1st January 1915.

Dodson, Frederick Kite ('Fog') Born 5th January 1891. Classical Mathematics & Commercial School, Preston, 1901 to 1905. Hutton Grammar School 1905 to 1909. Open Exhibition Downing College, Cambridge, 1909 to 1912, BA. Assistant Master, Lindisfarne Preparatory School, January to July 1913. Appointed PGS to teach Physics, Maths, Chemistry, 23rd October 1913, Probationary; Definitive 13th July 1915. Entered Army 1914. Appointed to replace S G Green, H12-1913. Left School at end of Christmas Term 1914, H1-1915. Commissioned as Second Lieutenant, 10th East Lancashire Regiment, H4-1915. Second Lieutenant, 11th Service Battalion Border Regiment, H1-1916. Recent marriage; Lieutenant, in France since August, H9-1916. Captain, wounded, one of the first two masters (Haythornthwaite) to be wounded, H11-1917. Now living in Preston but has not yet visited the School, H2-1918. Due to return in September 1918 as Miller House Master, House report, H6-1918. Returned to teaching, 18th September 1918. He was 27 years old, lost his right leg, left foot, and was wounded in his right hand. By direction of the War Office he retained for life his rank of Captain. (Retired or Discharged Army Officers could only use their substantive rank of Field Rank, that is Major and above, as courtesy titles. Navy and RAF used Major-equivalents = Lieutenant-Commander, Squadron Leader and above.) PGSA No 35, 6th February 1925. MA Cantab. JP. Shalston, Lower Bank Road, Fulwood, Preston. 78 Watling Street Road, Fulwood, Preston. 17 Manor Avenue, Penwortham, Preston. Stroma, Manorial Road, Parkgate, Wirral L64 6QN. (PGSA did not keep any record of the date of changes of addresses.)

Dryden, James Blakey Father - Thomas Dryden, Fishwick Bank, Preston. Engineer. James born 16th August 1886. PGS April 1900 to ? Modern. Was at the funeral of his father, Thomas Dryden, Dryden Engineering Works, Grimshaw Street, Preston, who died on Friday, 6th December 1918. Captain James Dryden and two brothers, neither of whom gave a Military rank. 2nd Lieutenant, 10th Loyal North Lancashires, H1-1915. Correction, is Senior Lieutenant, H4-1915. H1-1916. Captain, 10th LNL, H5-1916. Temporary Captain 21st November 1914 in Loyal North Lancashire 10th Service Battalion. (He may properly be J B D Dryden but the 3rd initial was not used at School.)

cross Drysdale, Alec (Alexander) War Memorial. Father - Alexander Drysdale, Ellerslie, Talbot Road, Penwortham, Preston. 1922. Tobacconist. Alec (Alexander) born 22nd April 1899. Christ Church School. PGS 17th September 1912 to 29th July 1916. Teachers Preliminary Part 1 December 1915; Part 2 March 1916. Student Teacher. DEAD. Had a solo, "Jack's the Boy" at the concert in the School Hall on the evening following the drive along Moor Park Avenue of TMs King George V and Queen Mary past 20,000 local schoolchildren, Monday, 7th July 1913, H12-1913. Thornley. Solo song at the School Choir evening concert on Tuesday, 16th December 1913, H4-1914. He also sang a duet with H Howarth, H12-1913. On St George's Day 1914, the Mayor with full Civic ceremonial attended a short Service and ceremony at the School to mark the Patron Saint's Day. TMs King, Queen, and Queen Alexandria were supporting efforts to make the nation more aware of the Day. The ceremony concluded with the singing of "Land of Hope and Glory", accompanied by the organ, the solo sung by Alec Drysdale and the School singing the choruses; H3-1914. In 1916 one of four student teachers. Cadet RFC, H11-1917. Preston Guardian report - On 22nd March 1917 the season of popular concerts in St George's Rooms, free to members of the Forces, ended with Jack Drysdale, boy soprano, in the line-up of local singers. Is "Jack" properly Alec? 2nd Lieutenant RFC, H2-1918. Was in Harris, played football and cricket but chiefly remembered as a good bowler. Had a splendid voice and often took a leading part in School concerts. Death recorded in Harris House report, H6-1918. Crashed whilst manoeuvering in his aeroplane, H10-1918. Lancashire Daily Post obituary states he died at Grantham. CWG: Alexander Drysdale Second Lieutenant, Pilot, RFC. 18 years. Died 25th March 1918. The son of Alexander and Elizabeth Barker Drysdale, Ellerslie, Talbot Road, Penwortham. Born Glasgow. Buried, Grave 438, Penwortham, St Mary's Churchyard.

Dunwoody, Foster Mitchell Father - Foster Dunwoody, Yew Tree, Priory Lane, Penwortham, Preston. Customs & Excise Officer. Foster born 10th November 1895. Copp Lane School. PGS 13th September 1909 to 12th November 1911. Working for Civil Service. KILLED IN WAR. This is erroneous. His brother Samuel was killed but a note was not made on his records. The name has been "Forster" on occasion. Rifleman, No 4,899 D Company 3/16 County of London (Queen's Westminster Rifles), H1-1916.

cross Dunwoody, Samuel War Memorial. Father - Forster Dunwoody, Yew Tree, Priory Lane, Penwortham. Customs & Excise Officer. Samuel born 28th May 1897. Cop Lane School. PGS 12th October 1910 to 25th July 1912. Oxford Junior Locals, 2nd Class Honours, Distinction in Geography, 11th of all candidates. Boy Clerk in Patents Office. He was killed in the War but not recorded as such. His brother was erroneously so recorded. Boy Clerk in Civil Service (listed under External Examination Successes), H12-1913. London Matriculation, 1913. Left School in 1913, joined the Reservists, and later obtained a commission. Killed in action, H10-1918. Lancashire Daily Post 9th October 1918: Dunwoody - Killed in Action in France on 5th inst., in his 22nd year Second Lieutenant Samuel Dunwoody, Royal Irish Rifles, second son of Forster Dunwoody, Yew Tree, Priory Lane, Penwortham. CWG: Second Lieutenant, 17th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles. Died 5th October 1918. Grave Reference IV . E . 5. Dadizeele New British Cemetery. Note that the father's name is "Forster".

Durham, Richard Private, 4th Loyal North Lancashire, reported as having been injured, H9-1915. H1-1916. 1st/4th History, P154, 2618, A Company, wounded 15th June 1915.