Easterby, Second Lieutenant, 4th LNL, has been wounded, H11-1917. 1st/4th History, p156, 2nd Lt E M Easterby wounded 31st July and 30th November 1917. Easterby, Eric Father - William Easterby, "Lancaster Bank" House, Preston. Sub-Manager of Bank. Eric born 13th January 1897. Mr Davies' West Cliff Private School. PGS 22nd April 1909 to 8th April 1914. Oxford Preliminary Local Examination 1912. To Bank Clerk. 31st (Bankers' Battalion) Royal Fusiliers, H5-1916.

cross Edwards, Captain, Posthumous MC, H10-1918.

Edwards, L B Promoted to First Lieutenant, H11-1917.

cross Edwards, Llewellyn Foster War Memorial.
Edwards, Louis (Llewellyn) Father - Robert Edwards, 28 Bairstow Street, Preston. Master Draper. 1922, 3 Bairstow Street. Louis born 17th February 1894. Mr Horrock's Commercial and Classical School (Elementary). PGS 16th September 1907 to 27th July 1911. Draughtsman in Engineer's Office. KILLED IN WAR. Note: Recorded officially in the School as "Louis" with the note that it was Llewellyn. The second name of Foster or the second initial "B" do not appear in the records. However, the history of the South Lancashire PWV Regiment has a Lieutenant L F Edwards, 2nd Battalion, Military Cross, Gazetted (posthumously) 26th July 1918. The "Louis Edwards", Old Boy, who visited the School to describe the work of the volunteer ambulance men at the Front, and the desperate need for motorised ambulances, is almost certainly the Captain Edwards with a posthumous MC and the L B Edwards promoted to Lieutenant in an un-named Unit. Edwards, Louis F St John Ambulance Association. Visited the School to raise funds for a motorised ambulance, H9-1915. 2nd Lieutenant Prince of Wales's Own, H1-1916. [The South Lancashire Regiment (The Prince of Wales' Volunteers)] Preston Guardian reports he was wounded in action on 12th April 1918 and died the following day. He was a draughtsman at Dyers Ltd, Manchester. Immediately on the outbreak of war he had joined a Red Cross Motor Convoy, served in France with the RAMC, and qualified for the Mons campaign medal. CWG: Llewellyn Foster EDWARDS, Lieutenant, 8th South Lancashires; 25 years; died 12th April 1918; Military Cross. Robert Thomas and Ada Fanny Edwards, 8 Bairstow Street, Preston. I.Q.20 Godeswaersvelde British Cemetery. "Llewellyn Edwards" was recorded on the War Memorial of Lancaster Road Congregational Church, which co-incidentally was dedicated on the same evening that the School Memorial Window and Tablet were unveiled. Several other Old Boys are on the Church's Memorial.