Farnworth, N Joined Mr Cyril Cartmell's Company, Pals Battalion, LNL (Regulars); now on Salisbury Plain; H9-1914. D Company, 7th LNL (Preston Pals) H1-1915. H1-1916. (Is this Norman Russall or Rossall Farnworth?)

Farnworth, Norman Russall (Shown with U, and O ? above it) Father - A C Farnworth, Gordon House, Ashton-on-Ribble. 1922 - 27 Beech Grove, Ashton-on-Ribble, Preston. Coal Merchant. Norman born 29th October 1895. St Andrew's School. Free Place Scholar. PGS October 1907 to 23rd November 1910. Coal Merchant's office.

cross Fazackerley, Harold War Memorial. D Company, 7th LNL (Preston Pals) H1-1915, H1-1916. 1st/4th History, p156, 2nd Lieutenant KIA 25th August 1918. Military Cross 1917, and Bar, 1918. CWG: Harold Fazackerley Second Lieutenant. Aged 26. Died 25th August 1918. MC. The son of Richard Fazackerley JP and Mary Fazackerley of Ashton-on-Ribble. II A 4, Houchin War Cemetery.

Fisher, Horace Lancashire Fusiliers, H1-1915. H1-1916.

Foster, Reginald D Lieutenant, 3rd Battalion, Dorsetshire Regiment, H1-1915. H1-1916. Army List 1915, Second Lieutenant 20th October 1914. Seems to be missing from 1918 List.

Friedenthal, Frederick John Joseph born 17th May 1880 PGS 14th January 1892 to April 1895. Sergeant Major, Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry, H1-1915. H1-1916. Served in WW1 in Egypt and the East, H12-1939.

Friedenthal, Richard Royal Engineers, H1-1915. H1-1916.

Furlong, Miss Ethel Annie Born 14th September 1884. High School, Preston 1891 to 1901. Froebel Training College, Bedford,1901-1904. Taught at High School, Stamford,1905-1907; Palmer's School, Grays, Sussex, 1907-1913; Commercial Traveller's School, Pinner, 1914. Probationary appointment PGS 16th September 1914, definitive appointment 14th December 1916. Mistress in Preparatory Department. Absent on leave 24th June 1915 to 21st February 1920. Left during the Summer Term to take up duties as a nurse, H9-1915. Red Cross Nurse, H1-1916. Somewhere in the Near East, H2-1918 Gained a nurse's decoration - Headmaster, Speech day, H6-1918. On her retirement the various tributes referred to her perilous duties as a Red Cross Nurse.

Furlong, Ernest William Hyde born 14th May 1883 PGS 6th October 1893 to April 1896. Third Officer, HMHS Carisbrook Castle, H4-1915, H1-1916. (initials given as E M).