cross Glaister, George Frederick Father - Joseph Glaister, 24 St Paul's Square, Preston. George born 27th September 1889. St Paul's School. Free Scholar. PGS January 1899 to ? Councillor G Dewhurst Prize for Writing, Lower School, 1902-03. Had a PT Scholarship (Preston Town?) 1904. 3rd Class Part 1 History Tripos, Cambridge, recorded in 1910. Killed in action, no details known, H10-1918. CWG: George Frederick GLAISTER, Lieutenant, Tank Corps, C Company, 2nd Battalion. 28 years; died 1st August 1918. Son of Joseph and Ruth Glaister, 22 St Paul's Square, Preston. BA Hons., Cambridge. XIV.B.5 St Pierre Cemetery, Amiens. Note: Father has signed two documents at the School, both giving 24 as the house number. Silcoates School Memorial: George Frederick Glaister was the son of John and Ruth of Preston Lancashire. He served in the Tank Corps as a Lieutenant. George was Killed in Action on 1st August 1918 aged 28 and is remembered at St Pierre Cemetery, Amiens. Preston Memorial: George Frederick Glaister, 22 St Paul's Square, Preston. Master at The King's School, Chester. Tank Corps. Lieutenant. Died 1st August 1918. Killed between Albert and Amiens.

Glaister, Sidney Ernest Father - Joseph Glaister, 22 St Paul's Square, Preston. Sign Writer. Sidney born 2nd March 1894. St Paul's Elementary. PGS 12th September 1904 to 27th March 1911. Elementary School Teacher. Joined Lord Derby's Pals Battalion, (The King's Liverpool City Battalion), H9-1914. 3rd City Battalion King's Liverpool (Lord Derby's Pals), H1-1915. H1-1916. Wounded, rifle bullet in the shoulder, shrapnel in left arm and right ankle, H9-1916. 19th Battalion King's Liverpool Regiment, Number 21502, Private. Machine Gun Corps, Private, 107184. Tank Corps 2nd Lieutenant, then Lieutenant. France from 7th November 1915. Contacted Army for his medals and address given on 7th December 1924 as 22 St Paul's Square.

Goodwin, Arthur Carr Father - James Richard Goodwin, 5 St Paul's Square; 229 St George's Road. Master Umbrella Maker. (Orchard Street umbrella shop - "We Shall Have Rain") Arthur born 2nd July 1893. St Matthew's Higher Grade Elementary. PGS 16th September 1907 to 28th July 1910. Left Cambridge to join the Forces directly he had finished his tripos, H9-1916. Second Lieutenant, King's Liverpool, H11-1917.

Goodwin, Thomas Father - James Richard Goodwin, 5 St Paul's Square. Later, 229 St George's Road. Master Umbrella Maker. (Orchard Street umbrella shop - "We Shall Have Rain") Thomas born 8th December 1895. St Paul's School. PGS, Free Place Scholar, 16th September 1907 to 25th July 1914. Entered the Civil Service. Ex-captain of Harris, H11-1917. Severely wounded in Palestine, H2-1918.

Gregory, Walter James Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry, H1-1915. H1-1916.

cross Gregson, Edward Maurice NOT on the Memorial. Edward Maurice Gregson Born 23rd December 1889. Ayresdon, Tulketh Road, Ashton-on-Ribble, Preston. Admitted to PGS May 1899. Father, G E Gregson, Land Agent and Surveyor, office at 11 Chapel Street, Preston. Second Lieutenant, 4th Loyal North Lancashires, H9-1915. 1st/4th History, p159, Captain, KIA 28th June 1916. CWG: Edward Maurice GREGSON, 4th Loyal North Lancashires. 26 years old. Died 28th June 1916. The son of George Ernest and Esther Gregson, 12 Hesketh Road, Southport. He was a Professional Associate of the Surveyors Institution and a Member of the North of England Institute of Mining Engineers. Bay 7 Arras Memorial. (There are records of Edward Maurice and a brother Arthur M, born on the same date, and a 15 months younger brother George Arthur. For the time being Arthur M is held in abeyance as a possible error in PGS records. Only one single line reference to him has been found.)

Gregson, S E Second Lieutenant 4th Loyal North Lancashires, H1-1916. Not found in Army List 1915 and 1918.