cross Hague, Albert Edward War Memorial. Father - John Hague, 13 Stanley Place, Preston. Albert born 1st October 1886, Father gives the year of birth as 1885. PGS January 1900 Parents - John and Margaret Hague, 13 Stanley Place, Preston. Father was a Cotton Yarn Agent/Cotton Manufacturer. 1/4th Battalion LNL, H1-1916. 1st/4th History, p166, Private, shown as wounded 15th June 1915. Sailed from Folkestone 4th May 1915. Wounded on 14th and at Festubert on 14th June 1915. (The charge at Festubert was on 15th.) Bullet wounds in an arm and left leg. Returned to England on 16th June on HMHS Dieppe. Whilst recovering was transferred to 3rd/4th Battalion but on 9th September was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in 1st/4th. Returned to France and rejoined his Battalion on 2nd December 1915. Battle of the Somme had been in progress for a month when on 5th August 1916 he led his platoon to try to clear out a nest of snipers but there was a strong point and the platoon lost Albert Hague - missing - two dead and 25 wounded. In March 1917 the War Office accepted that he had died on 5th August 1916. CWG: Hague, Albert Edward Second Lieutenant, Loyal North Lancashire 1st/4th Battalion. 30 years. 5th August 1916. Son of John and Margaret J Hague, 13 Stanley Place, Preston. Pier and Face II A, Thiepval Memorial. Preston Memorial: Albert E Hague 13 Stanley Place, Clerk at County Office. 1st/4th Loyal North Lancashire, Second Lieutenant. Missing August 5th 1916. Guillemont. Albert Hague was recorded on the War Memorial of Lancaster Road Congregational Church, which co-incidentally was dedicated on the same evening that the School Memorial Window and Tablet were unveiled. Several other Old Boys are on the Church's Memorial.

Halewood, Harold Rawsthorn Father - Alfred Halewood, Athos House, Fulwood, Preston. 1922: 8 Fulwood Hall Lane, Fulwood, Preston; and Harold at 37 Friargate, Preston. Harold born 2nd December 1895. Fulwood & Cadley Elementary. PGS 19th April 1904 to 23rd April 1910. Then into his father's business. Fiji, 3rd Contingent, King's Royal Rifle Corps, H1-1916.

Hall, James BA, Father, an architect, deceased. Mother - Ellen Jane Hall, Oakland Villas, Kestor Lane, Longridge. James born 2nd March 1892. Robert Smith's Boys Elementary School, Longridge. PGS 12th September 1904 to 27th July 1911. Harris Exhibition, £70. Cambridge. Honourable Artillery Company, H5-1916. Lieutenant, Royal Garrison Artillery, H1-1917. Released, H4-1919. Croix de Guerre, H10-1919.

cross Hall, William Gordon NOT on the Memorial. Father - Isaac Hall, 16 Plungington Road, Preston. Hair Dresser. William born 6th January 1894. St Mary's Street Wesleyan. PGS 16th September 1907 to 29th July 1909. Photographer. Family moved to New Zealand. CWG: William Gordon Hall New Zealand. Corporal, 14th Company 1st Battalion Otago Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force. 24 years old. Died 20th April 1918. Service Number 26743. Son of Isaac and Lucy Hall of 25 Dunn Street, Spreydon, Christchurch, New Zealand. Native of Lancashire, England. Grave Reference I.H.2 Euston Road Cemetery, Colincamps. This Cemetery is particularly associated with three battles, the last being the German attack on the 3rd New Zealand (Rifle) Brigade holding the trenches before Colincamps, on 5th April 1918.

Hamer, Alexander Father - Arthur Hamer, 119 Friargate, Preston. 1922. Jeweller. Alexander born 2nd November 1900. Moor Park Wesleyan. PGS 17th September 1913 to 26th March 1918. New boy, placed in Miller, 1913, H12-1913. Lower certificate July 1916. Higher certificate July 1917. 6th Form, left School. School Football vice-captain and centre half. Kicking and tackling have improved during the season. Miller football. O&C Higher Certificate. 5th Form Prize. Wrote the Miller House Review; H6-1918. Temporary Clerk in Accountant's Office. Due to join Army in November and future profession not yet settled. PGSA No 27, 6th February 1925. 120 Friargate, Preston. No confirmation as yet that he did join the Army.

cross Harding, John Lawrenson NOT on the Memorial. Born 15th May 1885, John L and Alice Harding, 49 Lune Street, Preston. Father (John L, senior) was Livery Stables Manager at 47 Lune Street of the family firm William Harding & Company Limited. Family home address later was 15 West Cliff. Preston Grammar School and King William's College, Castletown, Isle of Man. A Victor 1898-99. Architect at the County Asylum, Whalley, for Lancashire County Council. Member of Fulwood Cricket Club. John enlisted in the 12th (City of London) Royal Fusiliers and at that time was living at 56 Broadgate. Battle of the Somme - on 13th August 1916 the Battalion moved up towards the village of Guillemont and began digging trenches between Delville Wood and the village. Heavy shelling of the trenches on 15th August 1916 killed or wounded 31, including Private Harding. John Harding, senior, had been a Councillor and John, junior, was the nephew of Alderman W J Hayhurst, a former Mayor of Preston. CWG: John Lawrinson Harding, Private 12th Royal Fusiliers Died 15th August 1916. Service Number 9614. Pier and Face 8C 9A and 16 A. Thiepval Memorial. Preston Memorial: Harding, John L 56 Broadgate Royal Fusiliers Private 9614 Note: Lawrinson.

Hargreaves, A H Royal Engineers, H4-1915.

Hargreaves, A M Killed, H11-1917. Spelling error, Memorial shows A N Hargreaves.

cross Hargreaves, A N. War Memorial. Hargreaves, Arthur Norman Gibb Father - William James Hargreaves, 16 St Mark's Road, Preston. November 1922: 276 Plungington Road, Preston. Overlooker of Mill. Norman born 17th May 1894. Brother of Clive R Hargreaves. PGS 12th September 1904 to 30th April 1910. Cotton Mill office. Royal Engineers, H1-1916. CWG: Norman Hargreaves, Corporal, Royal Engineers, 52nd Motor Air Line Section, 22 years. Died 4th May 1917. Service Number 83345. William James and Elizabeth Ellen Hargreaves, 276 Plungington Road, Preston. I.P,37. Philosophe British Cemetery, Mazingarbe. Preston Memorial: Hargreaves, Arthur Norman Gibb 276 Plungington Road Preston. 52nd M.A.L. Section Royal Engineers Corporal 240743 May 4th 1917 Loos. Note: He was known, and frequently recorded, as Norman with one or both of his other initials dropped.

Hargreaves, Clive Raymond Father - William James Hargreaves, 276 Plungington Road, Preston. 1922. Cotton Mill Manager - Leigh's Mill. Clive born 31st July 1896. Brother of A Norman G Hargreaves. Balshaw's Grammar School. PGS 17th September 1913 to 24th July 1915. School Second XI. New boy, placed in Miller, 1913. Played successfully in Miller football First XI. A decided acquisition to the School First XI at centre-half, 12-1913. Elected House and football Captain, H4-1914. Miller representative on the Magazine Committee, H4-1914. London Matriculation 1st Division January 1915. Preston Higher Certificate July 1915. Borough Scholarship £40 for 3 years September 1915. Open Natural Science Scholarship £30, Selwyn College, Cambridge, March 1915. First in the list of scholarship candidates at Selwyn. Royal Life-Saving Society Bronze Medallion. Royal Life-saving Society Proficiency Certificate. Prefect from Christmas Term 1914. Awarded football Colours. School Sports Day, awarded the Challenge Cup. Football Captain, moved from centre half to right back. Very fast. Miller House captain. Higher Certificates: French, Elementary Maths, Advanced Maths (merit in Trig, Statics and Dynamics), Scripture, Physics, Chemistry (including Organic Chemistry). Cricket colours last term. Cricket vice-captain, improved as the season went on. Debating Society. At Cambridge, a few weeks in the OTC, left to take a commission or enlist. 28th (Public Schools) Battalion, Royal Fusiliers, H5-1916. Last day of Michaelmas Term was a Trinity Cadet seen in the College by a PGS student, H1-1917. Second Lieutenant, a former Miller House captain, now returned to France. Mentioned by Dr Murray as having been welcomed at Selwyn College two years ago. H6-1918. Selwyn College then to King's Own Royal Regiment. Army List 1918 shows Second Lieutenant, 2nd/5th Battalion, King's Own, 28th March 1917. Later Managing Director, Calico Printers' Association; Founder Member of Portcullis Lodge. Died 24th October 1957.

Hargreaves, John Father - J A Hargreaves, Tunsteads, Barton, Preston. Farmer. John born 7th January 1898. Broughton Elementary. PGS 19th September 1911 to 25th July 1914. Locals 1912. Lower Certificate 1913. Goodair, School team centre half? A decided acquisition to the team, H12-1913. School right half or left half who moved to right back. Preliminary Chartered Accountants 1914. Articled Clerk in Accountant's Office. Attached to 5th Cadet Training Corps, Trinity College, H1-1917. Second Lieutenant, 5th East Lancashire Regiment, H11-1917. At the School on leave, H2-1918. Returned to France, H6-1918.

Harris, A C Wireless Operator H11-1917. (Is this correctly H C Harris?)

Harris, Henry Cecil Father - Alfred Harris, Maycroft, Garstang Road, Fulwood, Preston. 11 Moor Park Avenue, Preston; 1922 - 8 Madeley Road, Ealing. HM Inspector of Schools. Cecil born 24th March 1899. Miss Threlfall's School. PGS 14th September 1908 to 24th July 1915. Pass, Preliminary Candidates, Oxford local examinations, July 1912. Harris, H12-1913. Pupil in Dick, Kerr's Engineering Works, Strand Road, Preston. Article - "Life in a Munitions Works", - moved on to war munitions, H1-1916. Wireless Operator Royal Navy, H2-1918.

Harrison, Aidan Father - Thomas Martin Harrison, The Vicarage, Longridge. Clerk in Holy Orders - Vicar of Longridge. 1922. Aidan born 9th December 1894. West Cliff Private School. PGS 22nd January 1906 to 28th March 1910. To Rossall School. Matriculated at Brasenose College, Oxford, just before war broke out. Commissioned, and went on active service a year later. Captain, Loyal North Lancashires. DSO about end 1916, H1-1917. Later, wounded in action. Son of the Vicar of Longridge, H11-1917.

Harrison, Barton Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry, H1-1915. H1-1916.

Harrison, Thomas Churton Brother of Aidan, Father - Thomas Martin Harrison, The Vicarage, Longridge. Clerk in Holy Orders - Vicar of Longridge. 1922. Thomas born 10th September 1893. St John's College, Grimsargh (Private, elementary). PGS 2nd September 1903 to 28th March 1910. To Harris Institute, Agricultural Student. Second Lieutenant, Royal Field Artillery, to France July 1915, invalided home with shell shock in October 1915, relinquished his commission in 1916, re-enlisted and on active service since July 1917 with the Motor Machine Gun Corps, H11-1917.

Haworth, L RFC H2-1918.

Haycraft, H Junior Cadet Wing RFC, H2-1918.

Haythornthwaite, W Assistant Master, Science Master. 2nd Lieutenant 5th South Lancashire, H1-1916. Visited PGS whilst on leave, had been slightly wounded but now practically recovered, H1-1917. One of the first two masters (Dodson) to be wounded, H11-1917. Visited the School, has served 13 months at the front and is going out again at the end of February, H2-1918.

Heane, Frank Father - William Heane, 6 Watling Street Road; 1922. Stationer. Frank born 13th April 1896. Miss Threlfall's School. PGS 14th September 1905 to 25th July 1912. Apprentice in Motor Works. Army Service Corps, H1-1916.

Heane, William Sidney Father - W S Heane, 14 Latham Street, Preston. Stationer. William born 22nd October 1890. PGS September 1899. Father heavily underlined Sidney. Modern with Latin. 9th Gloucester Regiment, H1-1915. H1-1916.

cross Hemsworth, Frank War Memorial. Father - William Hemsworth, 42 Christ Church Street, Preston, 1922. Coach builder. Frank born 19th February 1899. Christ Church Boys'. PGS 12th September 1910 to 25th July 1914. Free place. Harris Football Second XI, centre half, 1913, H12-1913. Clerk in L&NWR Goods Department. Left the School some time ago, now joined the Training Reserve, H2-1918. Was a very quiet boy, whom only a few will remember. He was a good football player, played for Harris; his death was recorded in Harris House report, H6-1918. CWG: Frank HEMSWORTH, Private, 9th Battalion, Welsh Regiment; 18 years; died 17th April 1918. Service Number 56218. Son of William and Mary Hemsworth, 42 Christ Church Street, Preston. Panel 93 to 94, Tyne Cot Memorial. Preston Memorial : 42 Christ Church Street, Preston. Clerk. 9th Welsh Regiment, Private, 56218. Died 18th April 1918, Messines, France.

cross Higgins, Leonard Talbot NOT on the Memorial. Father - Thomas Frederick Higgins, 192 (?196) Deepdale Road, Preston. Schoolmaster. Leonard born 26th April 1892. PGS April 1901 to Modern CWG: Leonard Talbot HIGGINS. Private, 1st Battalion King's Shropshire Light Infantry. 26 years. Died 6th October 1918. Service Number 31433. Son of Mrs C G Higgins, of 5 Bloom Grove, West Norwood, and the late Thomas Frederick Higgins BA (Manchester University) OTC. Born at Preston. B. 10 Conde-sur-L'Escaut Communal Cemetery.

Hindley, Norman Father - James H Hindley, 116 Garstang Road, Fulwood, Preston, 1922. Mill Manager. Norman born 31st December 1898. Moor Park Wesleyan. PGS 12th September 1910 to 25th July 1914. Free Place. Preliminary 3rd Class Honours 1912. Goodair, H12-1913. Lower Certificate 1913. LCC Exhibition £10 1913. Preliminary Examination Chartered Accountants 1914. To Articled Clerk, Accountant's Office. Army Pay Corps, H11-1917. PGSA No 151, 7th April 1925. ACA. 46 Garstang Road, Fulwood, Preston. 9 Methuen Road, Broughton, near Preston. 10 Methuen Avenue, Broughton, near Preston. 9 Winckley Square, Preston.

Hirst ? H1-1916. Up to now no one with this spelling has shown up in the records. There is a G Hurst who is of an age to have served in the War.

Hodson, J R H11-1917.

Holden, Dr A S Lieutenant RAMC, H1-1917.

Holland, Charlie Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry, H1-1915. H1-1916.

Holland, William Hollins Father - Lewis Holland, Crofton Villa, 10 Prospect Place, Ashton-on- Ribble, Preston. Brass founder and Machinist. William born 7th February 1890. PGS January 1901 to Classical Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry, H1-1915. H1-1916.

Holt, W Telegraphist, H6-1918.

Hornby, A Released from HM Forces, H4-1919.

cross Howard, Arthur L War Memorial. Royal Engineers, H1-1915. H1-1916 There is a CWG entry which may well refer to this name, same two initials and spelling of surname. Up to date no reference to this name has been found in the School. There are a substantial number of Howard entries over many years. There are many examples of boys dropping an initial or using a different Christian name, or spelling/printing errors. Nothing further can be done with this entry until personal and School details can be ascertained. William Henry Howard was at 24 Grafton Street, son of Amos. CWG: Sapper A L HOWARD, 72070, 47th Division, Signal Company, Royal Engineers. Died 4th December 1917. Flesquieres Hill British Cemetery. Preston Memorial: Arthur Lythgoe Howard, 50 Grafton Street, Preston. Postal telegraph and Sorting Clerk. RE Army Signals, 11th Corps. Sapper 72070. Died 8th December 1917 near Cambrai.

Howard, H H11-1917.

Howard W H A Company, 10th Middlesex (Duke of Cambridge's Own), H4-1915; H1-1916.

Howard, William Henry Father - Amos Howard, 24 Grafton Street, Preston. Police Inspector. William born 12th February 1899. St Stephen's School. Corporation Free Scholarship. PGS 14th September 1908 to 20th June 1914. Boy Clerk in Civil Service. ("A" Company 10th Middlesex was made up of senior students from Battersea [Teachers] Training College. He would only have been 16 in April 1915. This is the only W H Howard so far found.)

Howarth, Alfred Hartley Father - Alfred Howarth. Later, Sir Alfred. Town Clerk of Preston. Alfred born 26th June 1893. Grimshaw Street School. PGS 21st January 1907 to 30th April 1910. Then to Preston Docks as an Engineering Student. In the photograph of the official party at the Corporation Inspection of the Dock Undertaking, 1914, he was described as "Engineer's Pupil". Returned from Palestine after War service and filled the vacant position of chief assistant engineer but was not formally appointed to the post until March 1922 when he had qualified. Became Assistant to James Barron, whom he succeeded when appointed Ribble Engineer in 1933. Royal Engineers, H5-1916.

Howarth, Herbert Lomax MA Father - George Howarth, 168 Lancaster Road, Preston. 1922 - 273 St Paul's Road, Preston. Watchmaker and Optician. Herbert born 3rd March 1900. Christ Church School. PGS 17th September 1912 to 20th April 1918. Borough Scholarship, free tuition for 3 years, awarded 1913. Lower 4th Form Prize; Goodair, H12-1913. Lower Certificate 1914. Upper 4th Form Prize. Higher Certificates: French (including Oral), Elementary Maths, Scripture, English, History, Chemistry, July 1915, on the strength of which School Scholarship £10pa for 3 years. Debating Society, H4-1915. 6th Form, 1916. Prefect, Christmas term 1916. Higher Certificate July 1917. Aged 17, obtained an open Science Demyship of £80 for 4 years at Magdalen December 1917. School Captain 1917. Preston Borough Scholarship £40 for 3 years March 1918. The Miller &Thornley Exhibition £65 for 4 years September 1918. Honours School of Natural Science, Oxford; Demy of Magdalen, H10-1919. Entered the Army. Captain of Goodair and House report states left to join HM Forces; School Football right half has improved wonderfully during the season; Physics and Mathematics Special Prizes. H6-1918. Released, and at Magdalen College, Oxford; H4-1919. Appointed on Westminster Gazette. PGSA No 188, 26th August 1925. 19 East View, Preston. Assistant Manager, Nottingham Journal Ltd, Parliament Street, Nottingham. 79 The Mall, Swindon, Wiltshire. 75 Bath Road, Swindon. South Shields Gazette, South Shields, County Durham. Lyndhurst, Lyndhurst Road, Benton, Northumberland. 3 Private Road, Nottingham. Top End, Langdale Crescent, Storth, Milnthorpe. Deceased 1974.

Howarth, H Roland RAMC, H1-1915. H1-1916.

Howarth, J R Howarth, John Roland Father - H H Howarth, 9 Higher Bank Road, Fulwood. Timber Salesman. John born 16th May 1889. PGS February 1900. The initials have been recorded previously as "R J" which may indicate Roland as the preferred name. No details given of Service, H11-1917. See the entry above for H Roland Howarth, which looks likely to be erroneous.

Howarth, N S O&C Lower Certificate, H6-1918. Released from HM Forces, H4-1919.

Howarth, Robert Cardno Father - Thomas Howarth, 7 Rose Terrace, Ashton-on-Ribble, Preston. Manager of Timber Yard. Robert born 30th August 1897. Miss Pratt's Private School, Ashton. PGS 18th September 1906 to 28th July 1910. To Kirkham GS. Honourable Artillery Company H1-1916. The link to HAC is not yet proved, only "R C" Howarth.

Howe, Joseph Christopher Campbell Father - Joseph Duncan Howe, Deepdale House, 1 Burrow Road, Preston. 94 Stephenson Terrace, Deepdale Road, Preston. 1922: 94 Deepdale Road, Preston. Doctor of Medicine. NB: Howe, Joseph Christopher Campbell. Other records showed Campell but this, written by the father, is clearly Campbell. Campbell born 23rd January 1893. St Jude's Elementary. PGS 21st September 1901 to 28th July 1910. "For professional career - London University". Harris Institute. On Active Service on board a Hospital Ship, H9-1915. H1-1916. "Deepdale House" may be the cycle shop on the corner across from the Deepdale railway station, Burrow Road numbered from the Deepdale-road junction. (There is another brother who may not have been at PGS. Private Frederick William Duncan Howe, 3rd son, KIA 9-9-1915, LNL. St Matthew's. Harris Institute as a matriculation student for medical profession. Could he have been at PGS between St Matthew's and the Harris, similar to Campbell?)

Howe, Robert Godfrey Shaw Father - Dr Joseph Duncan Howe, Deepdale House, 1 Burrow Road, Preston. Robert born 6th June (?25th) 1894. St Jude's. PGS September 1902 to ? Royal Engineers, London, H1-1915. H1-1916.

cross Howe, Raymond Trevor Wordsworth War Memorial Father - Dr Duncan Howe, 94 Stephenson Terrace, Deepdale Road, Preston. 1922 - 94 Deepdale Road, Preston. Surgeon. Raymond born 8th October 1899. Deepdale Council School. PGS 17th September 1913 to 4th April 1917. Being coached for Army. KILLED IN WAR. Left School a short time ago to become a wireless operator. His ship sailed, probably from Liverpool to Ireland and some time afterwards his drowned body was washed ashore on the Cumberland coast. The ship was torpedoed by a German submarine, H10-1918. CWG: R T W HOWE, Died 22nd August 1918. Grave 448, St Michael Churchyard Extension, Croston. Second Wireless Operator, ss Palmella, Mercantile Marine. The ss Palmella was outward bound from Liverpool for Lisbon with general cargo. Palmella was completed by Ramage & Ferguson, Ltd, Leith, in February 1913 for Ellerman Lines - Ellerman & Papayani of Liverpool. Of 1,352 gross registered tons, 232'6" x 37'1" beam x 16'6" draught. On 22nd August 1918 in a position 53.28 North 05.20 West, about 25 miles NWxW from South Stack Rock, Anglesey, she was torpedoed by UB92. She sank with the loss of all 28 crew. In view of the heavy loss of life it has been assumed she was sunk without warning. Palmella was the last of the 87 ships lost by Ellermans to U-Boat attacks. On 8th July in the Atlantic, off Cork, UB92 sank Ben Lomond, 2814grt, 1906, Seville to Ardrossan, possibly all lost, and the same day off the Scillies sank Mars, 3550grt, 1907, New York to Le Havre. On 20th August UB92 in St George's Channel (off Pembrokeshire) torpedoed Boltonhall, 3595grt, 1900, carrying coal from Manchester for Gibraltar, five crew lost. On the 21st she sank Boscawen, 1936grt, 1909, in St George's Channel, 1 lost. Next, sank Palmella and on 24th August UB92 returned to St George's Channel and sank Virent, 3771grt, 1902, with a cargo of iron ore. On 17th October she sank Bonvilston, 2865grt, 1893, in the North Channel (off Stranraer). On 18th October 1918 off County Down torpedoed Hunsdon, 2899grt, 1911, Le Havre to Belfast, 1 lost. UB92 was surrendered to GB and scrapped.

cross Humble, Harry John NOT on the Memorial. Father - Arthur Humble, 47 Connaught Road, Preston. Form and Pattern Maker, Messrs Foster's Factory. Harry born 16th March 1897. Christ Church Boys'. PGS 13th September 1909 to 20th December 1911. Clerk in Goods Office, L&NW Railways. CWG: Harry John Humble, Private, Seaforth Highlanders 2nd Battalion. 20 years. Died 4th October 1917. Service Number S/8524. Son of Arthur and Alice Mary Humble of Victoria House, Leyland Road, Penwortham, Lancashire. Grave Reference XXV. A. 5. Poelcapelle British Cemetery.

Huxford, Harold J Father ? Fulwood Barracks. Harold born 23rd October 1884. Admitted October 1898 but also shown on a Roll of September 1898. Studying Classics. His School admission records include a small brown envelope with his surname written on it and slotted into place in the loose leaf filing system. Married Winifred Eld of Portsmouth on 25th July 1911. Professional soldier, Napier's Rifles, Indian Army, OBM-9-1911. Promoted Lieutenant 25th July 1908; Army List 1915 - second senior Lieutenant in the Indian Army, Army List 1918 - Captain wef 25th April 1915, 125th Napier's Rifles.