Isherwood, Thomas William Father - Thomas Isherwood, 82 Holmrook Road, Deepdale, 1922. Clogger. Thomas born 14th May 1899. Moor Park Wesleyan. PGS 12th September 1910 to 28th July 1917. Free Place. Oxford Preliminary 3rd Class Honours, passed spoken French, 1912. Oxford & Cambridge Lower Certificate 1913. Upper 4th Form Prize. Thornley, H12-1913. School Scholarship £10 for 3 years. Higher Certificate 1915 and 1917. O&C Higher Certificate. Scripture Special Prize, H6-1918. Rogerson Scholarship £100 per annum; Exhibitioner of Brasenose, Oxford H10-1919. Colquitt Exhibition £40 pa at Brasenose College, Oxford. To Military service. Vice-Captain, Christmas term 1916, H1-1917. T R B, H11-1917. (TRB? Training Reserve Battalion?) Called at the School, recovered after his serious accident at The Curragh, in Ireland, H10-1918. Released. Temporary teacher at School from beginning of Spring Term 1919 until John McNicoll returned. Not yet returned to Oxford from the Army, H4-1919. Rev Thomas Isherwood, Parish Church of Chesham, Buckinghamshire.