cross Jackson, A Lieutenant, Killed in action, no details known, H10-1918. NB This is either an erroneously reported death or he is missing off the War Memorial. There is a lack of any information.

Jackson Second Lieutenant Machine Gun Corps, H11-1917.

Jamieson, John Andrew Father - George Jamieson, York House, Garstang Road, Fulwood, Preston. Boot and Shoe Manufacturer. John born 20th June 1891. Fulwood GS. PGS January 1903 to ? Classical. Loyal North Lancashires, H5-1916.

cross Jenson, Wilfrid NOT on the Memorial. Father - Jonathan Jenson, 11 Watling Street Road. Insurance Agent. Wilfrid born 9th August 1894. Fulwood Grammar School (Private). PGS 16th September 1907 to 5th February 1910. To Farming. CWG: Wilfrid Jenson, Private, 7th King's Liverpool. Age 20. Died 4th July 1915. Service Number 2927. The son of Jonathan and Margaret Jenson, of Fulwood, Preston. Grave reference A. 13 Cambrin Military Cemetery. Preston Memorial: Wilfrid G Jensen Oundle, near Peterborough. (Lower Bank Road, Fulwood) Farm student. 1st/7th Battalion King's Liverpool. Private 2927 July 4 1915 Killed in Action in France. School records show 'Wilfred', all others give Wilfrid.

cross Jump, John Herbert War Memorial. Father - John Jump, Mill House, Dilworth. Retired Farmer. John born 8th August 1894. Knowle Green Elementary. PGS 22nd April 1904 to 22nd March 1910. This is over-written as ii-1909. The Term record ends with Autumn 1909; therefore it is possible that the alteration was to 11-1909; and the leaving date may be 22nd November 1909. Clerk in a Chartered Accountant's office. KILLED IN WAR Joined the Liverpool Regiment, Private 4468. Then to Loyal North Lancashires, Private 33181. Was a Lieutenant in the 4th LNL. Liverpool Scottish, H9-1915, H1-1916. Wounded near Arras July 1916, now recovered. Offered a posting to a home service battalion, declined so as to rejoin his battalion, 4th LNL, H1-1917. Second Lieutenant, Military Cross, Killed In Action, H11-1917. CWG: Lieutenant, 4th Loyal North Lancashires. 24 years. Died 15th September 1917. Son of John and Isabella Jump, Mill House, Longridge. Grave Reference II F 7 Erquinghem-Lys Churchyard Extension.