Margerison, Leslie A Public Schools Battalion, Royal Sussex, H1-1915. H1-1916. Mark, E Army Pay Corps, H4-1915, H1-1916.

Marsden, Henry Wiseman MA Oxon. Father - Archibald Marsden, 16 Plungington Road, Fulwood; then 64 Garstang Road, Fulwood. Clog-sole maker. Mechanic for Messrs Alston. Henry born 1st July 1896. Christ Church School, Fulwood. PGS 3rd September 1908 to 26th July 1913. Oxford Junior Local 2nd Class Honours 1911. Royal Life-Saving Certificate; Greek Special Prize 1912. Football Colours 1912-13, H12-1913. School Prize for Natural History (with F J Jackson). Left half for the School First XI. Rather on the small side. Had been in Harris football First XI, left last summer, H12-1913. Preliminary Teachers Parts 1 and 2 Distinction in History and Geography 1913. Oxford and Cambridge Joint Board Higher Certificate 1913. St John Ambulance First Aid Certificate 1913. Greek and Greek Testament Special Prize 1913; Harris House Captain and House representative on Magazine Committee, H12-1913. Harris Scholarship pound;70pa from 1913 to 1917. Wadham College Oxford, September 1914. During Autumn term 1914 had been coxing a 'Four' of Wadham, H1-1915. Second Lieutenant, 10th Service Battalion, South Lancashires, H9-1915. H1-1916. At Wadham College, Oxford, on active service in France, Harris House report, H9-1915. H1-1917. Promoted to Lieutenant, H11-1917. Mentioned in Despatches by Sir Douglas Haig, H2-1918. Wadham, Oxford H10-1919. PGSA No 22, 6th February 1925. 64 Garstang Road, Fulwood, Preston. High School, Scarborough. Deceased 1974. (Note: Whilst at PGS appears to have dropped his middle name and was most usually referred to as "H Marsden"; which caused some confusion until two initials were used relating to the Scholarship and Wadham.) Plungington Road, Fulwood, was the topmost part above Robinson Street to the junction with Lytham Road.

Marsden, Lawrence Royal Engineers, H4-1915. H1-1916.

Marsden, William Timbrell Father - Robert Marsden, 81 Preston Road, Longridge. 1922 - Dam House, Goosnargh. Overlooker in cotton mill. William born 30th April 1900. Robert Smith's School, Longridge. PGS 17th September 1912 to 27th July 1918. Civil Service Examination 1913; Natural History Special Prize 1913, H12-1913. Lower 4A Form Prize. Lower Certificate July 1915, French (1st class), Arithmetic (1st class), Advanced Maths, Scripture, English, Geography, Physics, and Chemistry, H9-1915. Higher Certificates July 1916 and July 1917. History Special Prize; Editor of The Hoghtonian, H6-1918. Northern Universities Higher, Group 2A, July 1918. Open Exhibition £40 at Exeter College, Oxford. At Exeter College, Oxford, having returned from the Army, H4-1919. History Previous, Oxford, H10-1919.

Masheter, Harry Father - William Masheter, 144 London Road; 296 London Road, Preston; 1922. Cloth looker. Harry born 28th July 1897. St Matthew's School. PGS 12th September 1910 to 13th June 1913. Preliminary, 3rd Class Honours 1911. Junior Local, 3rd Class Honours 1912. Civil Service Commission Boy Clerks' Exam (boy clerkship in Savings Bank Department) 1913. To Boy Clerk. Royal Garrison Artillery, 1st Lancashire Heavy Brigade, H1-1915. H1-1916.

McCleverty, Anson Hugh Father - Col. James McCleverty, Sherwood Foresters, probably at Fulwood Barracks. (Known as Anson) Anson born 26th January 1879. PGS 13th September 1893 to July 1894. Stage 1 Mathematics (Science and Art) 1894. Extra Prize Latin and Mathematics 4th Form 1894. Captain, 2nd Queen Victoria's Own Rajput Light Infantry.

McCleverty, Patrick Hope Father - Col. James McCleverty, Sherwood Foresters, probably at Fulwood Barracks. Patrick born 30th October 1880. PGS 13th September 1893 to July 1895. Captain, 20th Duke of Cambridge's Own Infantry (Brownlow's Punjabis).

cross McCleverty, Robert Jim NOT on the Memorial. Father - Col James McCleverty, Sherwood Foresters, probably at Fulwood Barracks. Robert born 27th February 1882. Entered PGS 13th September 1893 to December 1896, then to Malvern College. Born at Newark, Nottinghamshire, the third son of Col James McCleverty. Robert's grandfathers were General W A McCleverty and Surgeon-General H H Massy, CB. Received his commission in the Duke of Wellington's (West Riding) Regiment on 8th May 1901. Served in the Regiment in the South African War 1901-1902, taking part in operations in the Transvaal, for which he received the Queen's medal with five clasps. He was transferred to the 36th Sikhs, Indian Army, as Lieutenant, in December 1903, and subsequently to the 47th Sikhs, in February 1904. He became Captain in May 1910, and was personal Assistant to the Chief Commissioner, Central Provinces, from May 1913 to May 1914. He was killed while leading his company in an attack on Neuve Chapelle, on 28th October 1914. After his death he was mentioned by Field Marshal Sir John French, Commander-in-Chief, British Forces in the Field, in his despatch of 15th January 1915, for his gallantry. He was a well-known hockey player, and won the Indian Army officers' 220 yards race in record time. Killed in Action 28th October 1914, father gives 28th or 29th October. CWG: Robert Jim McCleverty. Captain, 47th Sikhs. 32 years. 28th October 1914. Mentioned in Despatches. Son of Colonel James and Mrs Elise C McCleverty of Greycourt, Fleet, Hampshire. Col McCleverty served in the South African Campaign. Panel 37 Neuve-Chapelle Memorial. (There is a fourth, youngest, brother also Indian Army, Captain, but not yet found at PGS.)

McIlwaine, Walter Father - James McIlwaine, Hill View, Bilsborough. 1922. Farmer. Walter born 15th January 1894. Bilsborough Elementary. PGS 22nd April 1907 to 7th April 1909. Apprenticed to a Preston photographer. Joined Mr Cyril Cartmell's company, Pals Battalion, LNL (Regulars); now on Salisbury Plain; H9-1914. D Company, 7th LNL (Preston Pals), H1-1915. H1-1916.

McNair, Allon Father - John McNair, 16 Fishergate Hill, Preston; 1922. Tailor, Employer. Allon born 1st March 1897. St Stephen's School. PGS 13th September 1909 to 12th April 1911. Father's business. 28th (Public Schools) Battalion, Royal Fusiliers, H5-1916. Seriously wounded by a bayonet thrust, H9-1916. 2nd Lieutenant Royal Engineers, H2-1918.

McNair, Herbert Father - John McNair, 16 Fishergate Hill, Preston. 1922. Tailor and Clothier. Herbert born 30th July 1898. Deepdale Council. PGS 17th September 1912 to 8th April 1916. Reserve forward for the Football First XI. Young but very capable. Harris Football First XI, outside right, 1913, H12-1913. Lower Certificate 1914. Is a hitter pure and simple, does not choose which balls to hit, and should practice throwing a ball further than thirty yards, H9-1914. Came into First XI at centre forward, shooting sometimes rather wild but scored five against Lancaster GS. During Easter Term elected as House football vice-captain, H4-1914. Passed Oxford and Cambridge Joint Board Higher Certificate, H9-1914. School football centre forward where he is very effective near goal, H1-1915. Higher Certificates July 1915: Elementary Maths, Scripture, English, Chemistry. Cricket colours last term. Does not have the right temperament for cricket, but his two not-out innings at the end of the season will be remembered, in one just failed to reach his half century and the award of his cricket blazer, H9-1915. School and Harris football Captain. Centre forward. Has a terrific shot, H1-1916. Higher Certificate. Left shortly before the end of last term, to study medicine at Edinburgh. Awarded football colours again, H5-1916. Played for the Old Boys v School cricket match, H9-1916. Passed first MB in Science, Botany, Zoology, at Edinburgh, H9-1916. London Matriculation January 1916. Centre forward, Old Boys football XI annual match against the School, H1-1917. To Medical Faculty Edinburgh University. Edinburgh University OTC, H1-1917. Cadet Royal Field Artillery, H11-1917. 2nd Lieutenant RFA, H2-1918. Released, H4-1919. Military Cross, Gazetted 2nd April 1919, H10-1919. Edinburgh University - Medicine and Surgery, 2nd MB, July 1919. H10-1919. NOTE: There is a Herbert McNair, same date of birth, father is John McNair, 5th Durham Light Infantry, Lieutenant 1st June 1916; Captain 1st May 1917. The dates of PGS activities and Army promotions do not fit.

McNair, John Father - John McNair, 16 Fishergate Hill, Preston. 1922. Tailor and Clothier. John born 16th December 1899. St Stephen's School. PGS 17th September 1912 to 8th April 1914. To father's business. Manchester Regiment, H2-1918.

McNicoll, John Born 20th October 1871. Taught at Wakefield Grammar School, 1894 to 1899, Uttoxeter Grammar School, 1899. To PGS 1899. On leave of absence July 1914, demobbed and returned on 10th February 1919. Assistant Master, Seaforth Highlanders at Inverness, H9-1914. Promoted Sergeant, H1-1915. Commissioned as Second Lieutenant, H4-1915. Lieutenant 9th Service Battalion, Seaforths, H1-1916. Military Cross. Captain, training soldiers in England, H2-1918. Rejoined Staff part way through Spring Term 1919, H4-1919.

Mears, Arthur Father - Thomas Mears, Ruthinville, Highgate Avenue, Fulwood, Preston, 1922. Brush Manufacturer and Proprietor of General Stores. Arthur born 7th January 1896. Preston High School (Secondary). PGS 11th September 1905 to 25th August 1912. Father's business. Westminster Dragoons, H1-1916.

Mears, Horace Father - Thomas Mears, Ruthinville, Highgate Avenue, Fulwood, Preston; 1922. Brush Manufacturer and General Stores Merchant. Horace born 25th September 1894. The Preston (Secondary) High School. PGS 12th September 1904 to 28th July 1910. In father's shop. Westminster Dragoons, H1-1916.

Melling, Hugh Father - Ralph Melling, Hoole Lane, Banks. Blacksmith. Hugh born 6th August 1893. Banks St Stephen's CofE Elementary. PGS 10th September 1906 to 25th July 1912. 5th Form. School Scholarship 2nd year 1910. Exemption from Matriculation London and Northern Universities. Oxford Local Delegacy University Certificates, Senior, 3rd Class Honours. In 1911 was the first House Captain of Goodair and was also Captain of the School and of Football. Special Prize, Mathematics, H12-1913. At Liverpool University, ESH1913. Air Mechanics Division RFC, H9-1915. H1-1916. BSc Liverpool, H10-1919.

Meredith, Thomas Father - John Meredith, 42 Pedder Street; 23 Cold Bath Street, Preston, and 1922. Botanical Brewer. Thomas born 19th October 1897. St Peter's School. PGS 12th October 1910 to 24th July 1915. Oxford Preliminary 1911, Oxford Junior 3rd Class Honours, spoken French 1912, School Certificate 1913, Higher Certificate July 1915. Sizership of £40 pa, Christ's College, Cambridge. Public Schools Battalion Royal Fusiliers, H9-1916. Visited PGS whilst on leave. Fighting in France but due to enter Christ's College, Cambridge, H1-1917. Released, H4-1919. At Christ's, H10-1919.

cross Metcalf, Lester War Memorial. Father - John Metcalf, 9 Theatre Street, Preston. Heating Engineer. John Metcalf, MIHVE, 54 Theatre Street, Preston, died 31st March 1918. Lester born 16th August 1887. PGS September 1900 to ? CWG: Metcalf, Lister Second Lieutenant, King's Own, 4th Battalion. Died 8th August 1916. Pier and Face 5D and 12B Thiepval Memorial. Preston Memorial: Lester Metcalfe, 9 Theatre Street, Preston. Engineer. 1st/4th King's Own, Second Lieutenant, Died 8th August 1916 at Guillemont. (Note errors: Lister and Metcalfe)

cross Moore, Keith Haydon War Memorial. Father - W L Moore, 32 Ribblesdale Place, Preston. Chartered Accountant. Keith born 14th February 1890. PGS September 1898 to ? Oxford Local Certificates, Junior, 3rd Class Honours 1902-3. School Scholarship to July 1903 1st Year, £10; to July 1904 2nd Year, £10. Coun Rawsthorn's Prize for English Composition; Pass First Division, Senior, Oxford Local Certificate; Board of Education Elementary Chemistry 1st Class; 1904 Chartered Accountants' Institute, 7th in order of merit. Treasurer, PGSA, second AGM, 3rd November 1910. Appointed editor of the new magazine. 4th Battalion, Loyal North Lancashires, H9-1914. Loyal North Lancashire (Territorials), H1-1915. Reported as having been wounded, H9-1915. Was wounded in the "famous charge of the 4th LNLs" - Festubert, 15th June 1915 - and is at present recovering, H9-1915. Killed in action, France, Friday 26th November 1915. Aged 24, H1-1916. CWG: Lieutenant, 1/4th LNL, 25 years; died 26th November 1915. Son of William Lewis and Margaret South Moore, 32 Ribblesdale Place, Preston. Grave Reference B.66 Authuile Military Cemetery. Preston Memorial: Keith Haydon Moore, 32 Ribblesdale Place, Preston. Chartered Accountant. 1st/4th Loyal North Lancashire Regiment Lieutenant. 26th November 1915, near Albert, France. Was wounded twice before being Killed in Action. Was Second Lieutenant before outbreak of war, and had acted as Company Adjutant.

Morris, Harold (Morris, Harold Joseph) Father - John Morris, Westhead Villa, Croston. Gentleman's Gardener (Retired). Harold born 9th October 1895. Lytham College Private School, Preston. PGS 2nd May 1910 to 20th December 1912. Lower Form Examination 3rd Class, College of Preceptors. Oxford Junior Locals 1911. Articled to Architect. 29th (Public Schools) Battalion Royal Fusiliers, H1-1916. (Note Both Morris brothers left in 1912, one was football captain, played as an Old Boy in the match when Robinson broke his leg. It is not yet clear which brother is involved.)

Myler, H C H11-1917. Myres, Professor John Lynton Old Boy, presented a prize for Greek at Moor Park, 19th April 1913. Fellowship, Magdalen College, Oxford. Craven University Fellowship 1892-93.In 1904 had been a Junior Proctor at Oxford University. During the 1914-1918 war was an Acting Commander RNVR in the Near East. Commander of the Royal Order of George of Greece, H12-1939 (not clear whether this is for his war service or his outstanding Greek academic career). Donor of several annual Prizes to the School. Ran a private war 1914-18 in the Greek islands, operating from the virtually uninhabited island of Gaidaro with small ships such as a somewhat dilapidated tug with virtually non-existent catering facilities, and at one stage what had been a private yacht. The steam yacht Aulis, pronounced and usually spelt as Avlis, had been owned by Prince George of Greece, then became a ferry before being chartered for use by the British consular (otherwise known as Intelligence) staff. She flew the Blue Ensign. He had an armed group of local 'heavies. On arrival at any RN Base was provided with a decent meal, and a bath. He had applied for a hard-lying allowance ("Hard-lying" is a RN description of poor accommodation) on the grounds that the cockroaches which infested the tug had chewed bits of his toe-nails and moustache. When the application was granted someone made a note that hard lying was a good name for it. Collected intelligence and seems to have made a major impact on at least one RN Admiral. And on the General who was Military Attaché at Athens, who had an apoplectic fit at mention of Myres. Awarded the OBE in 1919 for his Naval exploits and the George of Greece was almost certainly for the same activities. Later Knighted. He appears to have been commissioned in the RNVR in 1916. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve was made up of amateurs, "Weekend Sailors" was a derisory description. He had a big black Assyrian-style beard. During 1916 he organised cattle raids on the Anatolian coast aimed against the Turks but also harmed the friendly Greek population in that region so were stopped. In March 1917 he was in charge of Intelligence in the Dodecanese based on Calymnos. He used the motor caique St Nicolas and the tug Syra at Calymnos. He could lay and navigate a course as well as a Navigating Lieutenant and take a ship into port and berth alongside with considerable skill. Which he did on one occasion under the gaze of the professionals on board two battleships.