Sanderson, Fred Royal Field Artillery, H1-1916.

Sanderson, Jack Father - James Sanderson, 1 Cliff Street, West Cliff, Preston. 1922. Inland Revenue Officer. Jack born 5th September 1894. Elementary School, Bilston, Staffordshire. PGS 30th April 1906 to 28th July 1910. To Harris Institute. Army Service Corps, H1-1916.

Sanderson, Orme Father - Orme Sanderson, The School House, Eccleston, Near Preston. Headmaster of Eccleston Elementary School. Orme born 21st January 1898. Eccleston Elementary School. PGS 22nd April 1909 to 20th December 1913. Oxford Preliminary Locals 3rd Class Honours 1911. Oxford Junior Locals 1912 3rd Class Honours, Passed in Spoken French. School £10 Scholarship. Special prize, German. School prize for German in 1913. Miller House Captain, 1913. House representative on Magazine Committee, H12-1913. Boy Artificer, Royal Navy. PGSA No 44, 6th February 1925. 138 Deepdale Road, Preston. Resigned 1927 NOTE: He left School in 1913 with the intention of becoming a Boy Artificer in the Royal Navy. There is as yet no confirmation this happened, or whether he remained in the Navy during the war.

Seed, Francis William Father - William Seed, 68 Church Street, Preston. Sewing Machine Dealer. Francis born 13th December 1898. St Paul's School. PGS 11th January 1912 to 25th July 1914. Miller, 1913. H12-1913. Junior clerk in office of cotton manufacturer. Harris Institute and Technical School. 229th Infantry Battalion, H11-1917. Cadet RFC, H2-1918. Lieutenant, RAF, DFC, Prize Day report 1919. PGSA No 259 27th May 1927. DFC, Croix de Guerre. Winsleigh, South Meadow Lane, Preston. 4 Chaddock Street, Preston. 5 Cliff Street, West Cliff, Preston. Amstel, Liverpool Road, Penwortham, Preston. Suspend October 6th 1938. (What is the 229th Infantry Battalion? That does not seem to be a British Army designation. It might be a Training Reserve Battalion of which there were many known only by a number.)

Seed, Robert Lieutenant on HMS Vengeance, H1-1915. Reported as having been injured, H9-1915. Injuries received through an accidental explosion of guncotton. Has been serving in the Dardanelles, H1-1916. Vengeance was a pre-Dreadnought battleship, slow, coal burning, under-armed. Was in the Dardanelles in 1915, then in 1915 to the Mediterranean, East Africa and East Indies.

cross Seed, William Ernest NOT on the Memorial. Father - Thomas Seed - Oak Villa, Garstang Road, Fulwood, Preston. Gentleman. William born 7th January 1887. PGS September 1899 to ? Latin French Special Prize 1902-3; 5th Form Prize 1902-3; Oxford Local Certificates, Senior, 3rd Class Honours 1902-3; Board of Education Elementary Physiography for 1903; 1904. Lancashire Daily Post 14th December 1918 under Death on Active Service: On 12th December at the Military Hospital, Sheffield, 2nd Lieutenant William Ernest Seed, son of Thomas Seed of Overdale, Penwortham, in his 32nd year. Interment at St Andrew's, 16th December, at 2.30pm. CWG: William Ernest Seed Lieutenant RAF. 31 years. Died 12th December 1918. Son of Thomas and Isabella Ann Seed of Preston. Grave Reference: East side of main path, St Andrew's, Ashton-on-Ribble.

cross Shepherd, James Woodruff War Memorial. Father - Robert Shepherd, 181 Lancaster Road, Preston. Butcher. James born 22nd September 1887. PGS May 1900 to ? CWG: James Woodruff Shepherd, Private, 9th Battalion Cheshire Regiment. 30 years. Died 21st April 1918. 49388. The son of Robert and Beatrice Janet Shepherd, 62 Lancaster Road, Preston. Grave Reference: P VII A 1B St Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen. Preston Memorial: James Woodruff Shepherd 62 Lancaster Road. Butcher. Cheshires. Private 49388. Died 21st April 1918 in Rouen Hospital.

cross Simpson, Charles Vernon Martyn NOT on the Memorial. Simpson, Charles Vernon Martin Father, Isaac Simpson JP, Brook House, Near Garstang. Gold Thread Manufacturer. Mother - Emily E Simpson, signed the papers and on each occasion wrote "Martin", not "Martyn". Charles born 10th October (mother) 1892 [September ?]. PGS April 1900 to ? CWG: Captain 1st/5th King's Own Royal Lancasters, 26 years. Killed 31st July 1917. Son of Isaac Simpson, JP. VII. B. 26 Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery. Preston Memorial: Charles Vernon Martin Simpson, 5th King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment. Captain. Died 31st July 1917. Killed outright by a shell, in action at Wieltje (?), near Ypres, Belgium. Buried in the Military Cemetery, 55th Division, Vlamertinghe, 1.5 to 2 miles behind Ypres, on 3rd August 1917. Youngest son of Isaac Simpson of Brook House, Nr Garstang, and of Avenham Road Works, Preston, Lancashire, Esq, JP for County of Lancaster. Captain C V M Simpson was born in Preston 10th October 1891.

Simpson, S Major Commanding 9th Lancashire Battery and Ammunition Column, 2nd West Lancashire Brigade, Royal Field Artillery. School 1874-1881, Commissioned 1892, H9-1914. H1-1915. Recovering from injuries caused by an accidental explosion of guncotton, H1-1916.

Smethurst, F H Royal Engineers, Port St Anthony, Falmouth, H1-1916.

cross Smith, Philip Tristram War Memorial. Father - William Dugard Smith, 15 Powis Road, Ashton-on-Ribble, Preston. 1922 - Goosnargh Hospital. Elementary School Headmaster of St Peter's School. Philip Tristan (Note spelling) born 28th June 1891. St Peter's School. PGS 12th September 1904 to 27th February 1909. Bank Clerk. Died under training for war. Liverpool Scottish H9-1915. H1-1916. Died in a hospital in Cambridge, his home address given as Goosnargh Hospital, H1-1917. Correction: Died in Cambridge Hospital, Aldershot. "Cambridge" may well derive from HRH Duke of Cambridge when a Prince with that title was Commander-in-Chief of the Army. CWG: Private, 10th King's Liverpool. 26 years. Died 13th October 1916. Service Number 4469. The son of William and Isabel Smith of Preston, and husband of Madeleine Tristan Smith, 1 Clevedon Mansions, East Twickenham, Middlesex. Grave is in the South West Corner of Goosnargh (St Mary) Churchyard. Preston Memorial: Philip Tristan Smith, Bushell's Hospital, Goosnargh. Bank Clerk. King's Liverpool Scottish. Signaller. 4469. Died 13th November 1916. Died of sickness at Aldershot. (The handwritten date is clearly "Nov".)

Smith, Robert Ball Father - David Smith, Glebe Lane, Banks. Wheelwright. Robert born 29th December 1899. Primitive Methodist School, Banks. PGS 19th September 1911 to 25th January 1918. Thornley, 1913. Upper 4th Form Prize, 1913, H12-1913. Higher Certificate 1914, July 1915 and July 1917. School Scholarship 1915 for 3 years. LCC Exhibition £60pa for 3 years August 1917. Harris Scholarship £70 for 4 years. Open Classical Scholarship, Jesus College, Oxford £80 for 4 years June 1917. School Captain, Christmas term 1916, H1-1917. Football vice-captain left to join the RNAS, H2-1918. Football vice-captain, left back and the mainstay of the defence until the Army required him at Christmas. Had been captain of Thornley. Open classical scholarship of £80 at Jesus College and Lancashire Co Co scholarship of £60 for 3 years, 17 years old and third on the list of 13 scholarships. Harris Scholarship, £70 for 4 years. O&C Higher Certificate, distinction in French. Greek, Latin, French Special Prizes, H6-1918. Released, H4-1919. Not yet returned to Jesus College, Oxford, from the Army, H4-1919. Scholar of Jesus College, Oxford, H10-1919. BA (Oxon) Assistant Mastership at Wellington School, Somerset.

Smith, Samuel H Father - John Robert Smith, Bushell House, 1 Bushell Place, Preston. J R & A Smith Ltd, cotton spinners and manufacturers, Park Mill shed, Peel Mill and Manchester Mill; warehouse at 7 Marsden Street, Manchester. Samuel born 30th April 1888. PGS September 1898 Classics Private, 1914, Staff Captain, Military Cross, H2-1918. Army List 1918 shows a Captain, RAMC, wef 30th March 1915 (there are many Smiths!).

cross Snelham, Arthur War Memorial. Father - Thomas Snelham, 43 Addison Road, Preston. Book keeper. Arthur born 7th June 1890. PGS January 1901 to ? 3rd year Free Scholarship 1902-3. KILLED IN WAR Australian Expeditionary Force, H9-1915. Private, The Queensland Infantry, joined last March, 1915. Wounded and missing, 1915. Son of Councillor Thomas Snelham, a School Governor. Went out to the copper mines at Selwyn, Australia, about three years ago. Killed on Active Service, H1-1916. CWG: Australian Private Australian Infantry, A.I.F. 15th Battalion. Age: 25. Date of Death: 8th August 1915. Service No: 2201. Additional information: Son of Thomas and Christiana Snelham, of 55 Ainslie Rd, Preston England. Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead. Grave/Memorial Reference: 49 Memorial Lone Pine Memorial. Preston Memorial: Arthur Snelham, 55 Ainslie Road, Preston. Fitter. 15th Australian Imperial Force. Private 2201. Died 8th August 1915. At Gallipoli. Lone Pine Memorial is in Turkey.

Sowerbutts, John 42nd West Lancs D A C H1-1916.

Sowerbutts, William Father - William Hampson Sowerbutts, 106 Waterloo Road, Ashton-on-Ribble. Clerk and Salesman at Cotton Mill. William born 20th September 1892. Grimshaw Street School. PGS 10th September 1906 to 28th July 1910. Elementary School Teacher. Name match only. Details to be confirmed. Sowerbutts, William Headquarters Staff, 42nd West Lancs D A C, H1-1916. Second Lieutenant, 3rd East Lancashires, H11-1917.

Spelman, H H H11-1917.

Spencer, L D W Rev Chaplain to the Forces, with 4th LNL Territorials, H9-1915. H1-1916.

Stockdale, Frederick Father - Lawson Stockdale, 23 Latham Street, Preston. Frederick born 23rd May 1887. PGS September 1901 to ? RAMC in Egypt, H5-1916.

cross Stuart, William NOT on the Memorial. Father - Thomas Stuart, New Hall Sowerby Garstang. Farmer and Hay & Straw Merchant. William born (2nd) 5th December 1888. PGS January 1901 to ? Oxford Local Certificates, Preliminary, Pass, 1902-3. CWG: William Stuart Private, B Company, 14th Battalion Highland Light Infantry. 28 years. Died 24th March 1918. Service Number 38269. Son of Jane Stuart, 69 Lytham Road, Fulwood, Preston, and the late Thomas Stuart. Native of Sowerby, Preston. Grave Reference VIII . F . 4 St Pierre Cemetery, Amiens.

Swann, Reginald Father - John Swann, 24 Powis Road. Later query 19. Manager, British Rubber Company. Reginald born 15th June 1894. Ashton Wesleyan School. PGS 20th January 1908 to 21st December 1909. To Victoria College, Preston. 28th (Public Schools) Battalion Royal Fusiliers, H1-1916. Royal Engineers, H11-1917.