Taylor, Frank Father - W J Taylor, 167 Moor Lane, Preston. The Rutlands, 56 St Andrew's Avenue, Ashton-on-Ribble, Preston. 1922. Mill Manager. Frank born 28th February 1901. Roebuck Street School. PGS 17th September 1913 to 31st March 1915. New boy, placed in Harris, 1913, H12-1913. To Technical School in preparation for engineering. RFC, H6-1918.

cross Thexton, Percival War Memorial. Father - Thomas Thexton, Atherton House, Fulwood, Preston. Upholsterer. Percival born 4th July 1885. PGS June 1899 to ? Requested "Latin - for Doctor". 1903-04 is at Royal Veterinary College, Edinburgh, 2nd Professional Examination with Honours. On the 20th November 1918 at the Military Hospital, St Germaine, Paris, from influenza, Percival Thexton, MRCVS, aged 33 years. - Lancashire Daily Post 23rd November 1918. ("Upholsterer" seems to be an understatement for a furniture store on Fishergate in the vicinity of the theatre.) Death of Capt. Percival Thexton The death has occurred at St Germaine, Paris, from influenza, of Captain Percival Thexton, Army Veterinary Corps, third son of Thomas Thexton, of Lea Hall, Preston. He was in partnership as a veterinary surgeon with Mr Schofield of Pontefract when he enlisted in 1917, and sailed for Mesopotamia in June that year. He was on his way home from Mesopotamia when struck with influenza. He was formerly with Mr Ralph Rimmer at Kendal. He married in 1913 Jeannie Alexander, second daughter of the late William Alexander of Kendal. He leaves a widow and two children. CWG: Captain, Army Veterinary Corps, 8th Mobile Veterinary Section. 32 years. Died 20th November 1918. Son of Thomas Thexton of Preston. Husband of Jeannie Thexton, Ainsdale, Beast Banks, Kendal. B.61. St Germaine-au-Mont D'Or Communal Cemetery Extension.

Thompson, J RFC, H2-1918.

Thompson, Miles Royal Field Artillery, West Lancashire Territorials, H9-1915, H1-1916.

Thompson, M V Hired a pair of powerful glasses to enable him to pass the medical and is now at Weeton Camp, H9-1915 ( May be the above.)

Thompson, Miles Veevers Father - deceased, architect. Mary Thompson, 70 Balfour Road, Moor Park, Preston; 1922. Miles born 7th June 1899. Chetham's Hospital, Manchester. PGS 7th November 1911 to 9th February 1916. Junior Clerk Accountant's office. Dates have been checked to original source because of the date at Weeton and that of leaving School.

Thornton, Robert William Father - Richard Thornton, 45 Lytham Road, Fulwood, Preston. Auctioneer's Clerk. Robert born 25th October 1899. Mrs Dall's School. PGS 11th January 1912 to 30th June 1917. Preliminary Local, including spoken French 1912. LCC Exhibition 1912. Goodair, H12-1913. Lower Certificate 1914. Higher Certificate July 1915. Prefect, Christmas term 1916, H1-1917. No further information. Called up for military service, T R B, H11-1917. Released, H4-1919.

Tindall, Reginald Fawcett Father - Harold Tindall, The Grove, Leyland. Commercial Traveller. Reginald born 15th February 1894. Balshaws Grammar School. PGS 20th January 1903 to 22nd December 1908. In building trade learning the business. Tindall, R F Corporal attached as Motor Cycle Dispatch Rider to 5th Dragoon Guards, H1-1915. H1-1916. Name match only. Details to be confirmed.

Topping, Cyril Father - James Topping, Highfield, Fulwood Hall Lane, Fulwood. 21 Park Terrace, Garstang Road. The Grange, Avenue, Fulwood. 1922 - Glenfarg, Fulwood Hall Lane, Fulwood, Preston. Schoolmaster. Cyril born 24th April 1900. Mrs Dall's Private School. Son of a Guild Burgess. PGS 16th January 1911 to 26th March 1918; re-admitted 5th March 1919 to 26th July 1919. Goodair. Oxford Preliminary and passed spoken French 1912. Junior Thornley Scholarship (£5 for 3 years). Lancashire Co Co Open Exhibition £10 a year, awarded 1913, H12-1913. Preston Borough Scholarship of £40 a year for 3 years. Lower Certificate 1914. In 5th Form 1915. Higher Certificate July 1915, July 1916, July 1917. Prefect, Christmas term 1916. Higher Certificate Group II Science July 1917. Aged 17, obtained an open Science Demyship £80 for 4 years, Magdalen College, December 1917, Prize day, February 1918. O&C Higher Certificate, distinction in chemistry. Chemistry Special Prize. Believed to be at Manchester. 6th Form, School Football centre forward, handicapped by only being able to shoot left footed, and ought to lead his forwards better. Goodair football. H6-1918. LCC Scholarship £60pa for 3 years February 1918. Borough Scholarship £40 for 3 years March 1919. Joined the Army. Not yet returned to Magdalen College, Oxford from the Army, H4-1919. Physics and Mathematics Preliminary Honours Schools July 1919.

Topping, Frederick Charles Father - F C Topping, 222 Deepdale Road, Preston. Steeple and Chimney Restorer. Frederick born 5th January 1898. Moor Park Wesleyan. PGS 20th January 1909 to 26th July 1913. Private coach for Chartered Accountants' Examinations. Second Lieutenant, Royal Garrison Artillery, H11-1917. Was at O.C.B. at Lichfield, released, temporary teacher until Mr Constable returned, H4-1919.

Towler, Ernest Edmund Father - Richard Edmund Towler, 241 Manchester Road, Preston. Ruskin Villa, Frenchwood Knowle, Preston. Insurance Agent. Ernest born 28th December 1891. Grimshaw Street School. PGS 3rd April 1902 to 29th July 1904. Left to become a Solicitor's Clerk. Corporation Free Scholar 1902-1905. Oxford Local Certificates Preliminary; 3rd Class Honours, 1st Division, 1904; Junior 1905; Senior 1907. Exempted from London Matriculation. School Scholarship 13th September 1906. School Captain 1908. Former School Captain, has a commission in the South Lancashires, H9-1915. Lieutenant E E Towler, South Lancashires, was reported to be wounded and missing on 21st August 1918. He had been wounded twice previously. He went to Egypt in 1916, returned to UK and then to the Western Front, and had gone back to France in July. Press report 11th September 1918. Lancashire Daily Post 4th October 1918 reported him to be wounded and a Prisoner of War. Deceased 1974.

cross Tullis, Alexander War Memorial Born 18th February 1892. 27 Highgate Terrace, Fulwood, Preston. PGS September 1901 to ? Belonged to a well-known Preston family - builders of the Harris Museum. Joined West Riding Regiment soon after war broke out and went to France a month before his death. Killed on 5th May 1915 by gas poisoning, H9-1915. CWG: Private 14046 2nd Battalion, Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regiment. Died 5th May 1915. Son of Alexander and A A Tullis, 129 Tulketh Road Ashton. Grave Reference: I. E. 169 Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension (Nord). Preston Memorial: Alexander Tullis 129 Tulketh Road, Ashton-on-Ribble. Chartered Accountant. Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regiment. Private 14046. Died 5th May 1915. Killed in action result of gas poison, Hill 60, France.

Turner, George Father - H Turner, 60 Holmrook Road, Preston George born 7th August 1891. PGS April 1902 to ? A Company, 15th Battalion, London Regiment (4th London Infantry Brigade), H1-1915. H1-1916.

Turner, Sydney Herbert Father - Sam Turner, 33 Ormskirk Road, Preston. Sidney born 25th December 1891. Miss Bolton's School. PGS January 1903 to ? (Note: Two School documents give two spellings for Si(y)dney. Royal Fusiliers, H5-1916.