Wade, Harold Father - John Richard Wade, The Cottage, Whitestake. Mechanical Engineer. Harold born 7th August 1893. Previous education at home. PGS 1st May 1901 to 28th August 1910. Bank Clerk. Reading for Civil Service.

Wade, H A Squadron, Westminster Dragoons, H1-1915, H1-1916. NB: At this stage there is not proof that the two H Wade's are one person.

Wallwork Joined the Territorials, H9-1914.

Wallwork John Father - Joshua Wallwork, 89 Holm Rook Road. 1922. Tape Sizer in the Bute Cotton Mill. John born 25th June 1894. St Paul's Elementary. PGS 16th September 1907 to 27th July 1911. Battersea College. A Company, 10th Middlesex (Duke of Cambridge's Own) H1-1915; a former House vice captain, now in India - see J J Blackledge, H9-1915. H1-1916.

Ward, Harry Miller Father - W Ward, 1 Cobham Street, Preston Harry born 15th December 1893. Fulwood & Cadley School. PGS September 1902 to Signaller, Royal Field Artillery, H11-1917.

cross Ware, Septimus War Memorial. Father - John Ware, 223 North Road, Preston. 1922 - 324 North Road, Preston. Engineer, Artisan. Septimus born 20th April 1899. Christ Church School. PGS 19th September 1911 to 26th July 1913. Apprentice in Engineering Works. KILLED IN WAR. CWG: Private, C Company, 2nd Battalion, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. 19 years. Died 29th September 1918. Service Number 49710. The son of John and Ann Ware, 324 North Road, Preston. Memorial Reference: Panel 70 to 72 Tyne Cot Memorial. Preston Memorial: Septimus Ware 324 North Road, Preston. Apprentice Fitter. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. Private 49710. Died 29th September 1918. France, whereabouts unknown.

Watkinson, Sidney RAMC, Eastbourne, H4-1915. H1-1916.

Watson, Douglas Goodair. One of four student teachers in 1916, see A Drysdale, T Willacy, J E Whitehead. T R B, H11-1917. Is on The Curragh in Ireland and expects to go to France shortly, H2-1918. Severely wounded in France, H10-1918. Released, H4-1919.

Wells, Eric Wright Father - Frederick Wells, 10 Garden Walk; then Inglenook, Powis Road, Ashton-on-Ribble; 1922 - 65 Powis Road, Ashton-on-Ribble, Preston. Ribble Ship's Pilot. Eric born 17th July 1898. Miss Newstead's Private School. PGS 1st May 1908 to 28th July 1918. To Army. 4th LNL at Oswestry, H9-1916. Visited PGS whilst on leave, H1-1917.

Whistlecraft, William D Company, 7th Loyal North Lancashire (Preston Pals), H1-1915. H1-1916.

Whitehead, C RFC, H2-1918.

cross Whitehead, John Eric War Memorial. Father - William Whitehead, Electric Supply Works, Crown Street, Preston. Storekeeper. John born 27th September 1898. Christ Church School. PGS 19th September 1911 to 26th July 1916. Upper 4th, Miller 1915. Preliminary Locals 1912. Lower Certificate July 1915. Teachers Preliminary Part 1 December 1915, Part 2 March 1916. Higher Certificate July 1916. Student Teacher. KILLED IN WAR. Had been one of four student teachers in 1916 - See A Drysdale, T Willacy, D Watson. T R B, H11-1917. Died of wounds at Rouen, H10-1918. CWG: Whitehead, J E Private, Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 2nd Battalion. 19 years. Died 8th September 1918. Service Number 73490. Son of William Whitehead, 31 Crown Street, Preston. Commonwealth War Dead. Grave Reference: R III K 21. St Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen. Preston Memorial: John Eric Whitehead 31 Crown Street, Preston. Student Teacher. Royal Welsh Fusiliers 2nd Battalion. Private No 73490. Died 8th September 1918. Longueval, France. Was educated at Christ Church School and gained a Borough scholarship for the grammar school. Whilst there he gained the university joint board Higher Certificate. He was holder of the Royal Lifesaving bronze medal, and was a student teacher at St Luke's Boys' School. Also teacher at Christ Church Sunday School. Longueval was on the Somme.

Whitehead, John Hamilton Father - H W Whitehead, 8 Regent Street, Preston. Captain in Territorial Forces. John born 19th November 1893. Miss Williamson's Private School, Avenham Lane. PGS 3rd April 1902 to 28th July 1910. To a cotton mill learning managership. Whitehead, J H Joined Mr Cyril Cartmell's Company, Pals Battalion, LNL (Regulars); now on Salisbury Plain; H9-1914. Lance Corporal, D Company, 7th Loyal North Lancashire (Preston Pals) H1-1915. H1-1916. Name match only. Details to be confirmed.

Whiteside, Tyson Father - Robert Whiteside, 4 Wellington Terrace, Ashton-on-Ribble, Preston; 1922. Grocer. Tyson born 1st August 1898. St Mark's School. PGS 12th September 1910 to 24th July 1915. Thornley. Pass Oxford Local Preliminary July 1912. School cricket team, H9-1914. School Second XI and House 1st XI, defender. Upper 4th 1915. School football team, right back 1915. Articled to Solicitor. Royal Navy, H2-1918. PGSA No 73, 16th February 1925. 4 Wellington Road, Ashton-on-Ribble, Preston. Struck off Sept 1928.

Whittaker, S RFC, H2-1918.

cross Whittle, Clive War Memorial. Father - John Whittle, 17 Powis Road, Ashton-on-Ribble. 1922: 21 Powis Road, Ashton-on-Ribble, Preston. Auctioneer. Clive born 24th June 1893. St Andrew's School. PGS 22nd January 1906 to 22nd December 1909, deleted, and left 28th December 1910. Into father's business. Killed In War. Joined Mr Cyril Cartmell's Company, Pals Battalion, LNL (Regulars); now on Salisbury Plain; H9-1914. D Company, 7th Loyal North Lancashire (Preston Pals), H1-1915. H1-1916. Killed, H9-1916. CWG: Private, 7th Loyal North Lancashires. Died 23rd July 1916. Service Number 13064. Memorial Reference: Memorial 13, Caterpillar Valley Cemetery, Longueval. Preston Memorial: Private Clive Whittle 19 Powis Road, Ashton-on-Ribble. Journalist. D Company (Preston Pals), 7th Battalion Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Private 13064. Died July 23rd 1916. On the Somme. No details.

Whittle, J 4th Loyal North Lancashire, H9-1915. H1-1916.

Whitwell, Thomas Father - John William Whitwell, 20 Sharoe Green Lane, Fulwood, Preston. Insurance Agent. Thomas born 31st January 1898. Fulwood CE. PGS 2nd September 1910 to 13th May 1916. Oxford Preliminary 2nd Class Honours 1911. Junior Locals 1st Class Honours, 266th of 6921 candidates, passed spoken French, Higher Certificate, 1913. School Scholarship £10 for 3 years, 1913. To Forces, Royal Fortress Engineers. Fortress Engineers, H5-1916.

Wilcock, D Released from HM Forces, H4-1919.

Wilcock, F Royal Field Artillery, H11-1917.

Wilcock, Harold Gunner, 125th Heavy Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery, H1-1916.

Wilcock, John Private, 5th Battalion, King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, H1-1915. Reported as having been injured, H9-1915. Private, Pals Company, 5th Battalion King's Own Royal Lancasters (TF). Wounded in the chest fighting in France 1915. Known to some present pupils, H1-1916. Is this an incorrect identification? See note below.

Wilcock, John Private, 5th Battalion, King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, H1-1915. Reported as having been injured, H9-1915. Private, Pals Company, 5th Battalion King's Own Royal Lancasters (TF). Wounded in the chest fighting in France 1915. Known to some present pupils, H1-1916. No report of war service after this item, January 1916. The above three reports were in The Hoghtonian. "Known to some present pupils" must mean about 22-24 years of age. There was a John Wilcock, born 13th February 1892, entered the School 12th September 1904 to 20th July 1910 and was then reported to have entered a Training College as a Student Teacher. He had won the Scripture Prize in 1909, donated by Canon Butler, Vicar of Preston. He was exempted from Matriculation by the Northern Universities Joint Board; he had passed 1st Division Senior level Oxford Local Delegacy University Certificate, reported in July 1910. His father was Thomas Frederick Wilcock, Mechanic at the County Asylum, Whittingham. (For any non-locals, Whittingham Asylum/Mental Hospital was a 3,500 population 'village' with its own post office and railway station.) John attended the local Goosnargh Elementary School before PGS. Why would a youth/young man living in Goosnargh within cycling distance of Fulwood Barracks join the Lancaster-based King's Own Territorials? There is a John Wilcock, BA Honours degree in Economics, who joined PGSA as a Life member on 22nd February 1930, number 364. His brothers Frederick, born 8th November 1897 and Arnold both joined PGSA as Life members also on 22nd February 1930, numbered 365 and 366 respectively. Another brother, Donald, was born 4th May 1900. Frederick was at the School until 3rd March 1914, later served in the Royal Field Artillery. He had left School intending to study for Chartered Accountant; Arnold became a dentist. Donald was at PGS 4th April 1910 to 9th December 1915, and was released from the Forces in 1918 or 1919. John lived in Stoke, Frederick lived in Beckenham, and Arnold lived in Droitwich. On Frederick's records their father was shown as living in Whittingham in 1922. Note: There are gaps between Arnold and Donald. Donald's date of birth is known, Arnold's isn't. Donald is recorded in the School, Arnold's School records only appear in the PGSA records, and are the same as Donald's. Arnold was not in the Forces, Donald was. Arnold was a dentist, Donald left PGS to study to be a dentist. Arnold lived in Droitwich, Donald lived ... where? The two names are being left in the record with the proviso that it is probably one person, and that is Donald. The report in The Hoghtonian H9-1915 means that the wounding in action would most probably have been between Easter and Summer holidays. The other two reports quite clearly state he was a Private in the 1st/5th King's Own, Pals Company, and it was a Territorial Forces Battalion. The Roll for 1914-1915 of the 1st/5th Battalion, King's Own, has been published by the Regimental Museum. There is a J Wilcock, Acting Sergeant, Service number 2543, re-numbered 240728. An Acting Sergeant in the Territorials would probably have several years' Service. There is a John Wilcock, Drummer, Number 1298. Killed in action 8th May 1915. Lived at 29 Beaumont Street, Lancaster. His parents were John, deceased, and Mary Wilcock. He was born in Glasgow, was aged 21 years when KIA. He had worked at Storey's White Cross works and had been in the 5th King's Own Territorials from about 1911. He was called up in August 1914, had served 6 months Home Service and 3 months Overseas Service up to his death. There had been initial confusion over date of death, put at not later than 18th May, then amended to 8th May 1915. He is recorded on the Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres. He is also described as a Bugler. In the Infantry, Corps of Drums, Drummers blow bugles, except in the Light Infantry Regiments which have Bugle Corps and not Corps of Drums. The description of him as a Drummer or a Bugler is not material. There seems little doubt that there were two John Wilcock soldiers and the one who attended PGS probably did not serve in 1st/5th King's Own. In which regiment did he serve?

Wilkinson, E Second Lieutenant on Active Service, H9-1915, H1-1916. An "E Wilkinson" on the Roll for 1909 and Edward Wilkinson was the first winner of the Makinson Prize for an essay by a current pupil, reported in OBM-12-1910.

Willacy, Thomas Eccles Father - John James Willacy, 84 Parker Street North, Preston. 1922. Weaver. Thomas born 31st December 1898. Grimshaw Street School. PGS 17th September 1912 to 26th July 1916. Lower Certificate July 1915. Teachers Preliminary Part 1 December 1915; Part 2 March 1916. Student Teacher. Had been one of four student teachers in 1916, see A Drysdale; Douglas Watson, J E Whitehead. Army Service Corps, H11-1917. Discharged due to ill-health, now teaching, H2-1918. Was found to have serious heart trouble, underwent a dangerous operation, returned to civilian life badly shaken in health, H10-1918.

Wilson, M C Joined the Territorials, H9-1914. H1-1915. Possibly the youngest of the Old Boys now serving, is with one of the Lancashire Territorial Regiments, H9-1915. H1-1916.

Winter, Arthur James born 24th April 1880 PGS 6th October 1891 to December 1895. Was an Aerial Photographer during the War but it is not clear if he was in the Forces, or officially attached to them, or otherwise engaged as a photographer.

cross Woods, George War Memorial 1914 - 1918 Father - John Woods, Avenue Bank, Walton-le-Dale. Master Builder. George born 11th May 1894. Private tuition by his Governess. PGS 18th April 1902 to 27th August 1911. Went on to Abingdon School. Killed In War. Commission in 4th Loyal North Lancashires, having left his studies at Keble College, H1-1916. Captain, killed in action. His genial, good natured disposition coupled with his other sterling qualities, help us to realise what a great loss his death is, H1-1917. From the Archivist, Keble College: Application Form dated 24 February 1913. Woods, George Date of Birth 11 May 1894. Baptism 10 June 1894. School - Abingdon. Parent - John Woods Esq, Building Engineer - Avenue Bank, Walton-le-Dale, Preston. Entered for Term October 1913. A College Register records: 2294 Woods, George; b 11 May 1894. Educ. Abingdon School. 2/Lt., 9th Bn. London Regt., 1915; Lt., 1915; Capt., 1916 (France). Killed in action 9 September 1916. Avenue Bank is on Chorley Road. CWG: Captain, London Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles) 1st/9th Battalion. Died 9th September 1916. Pier and Face 9C Thiepval Memorial.

Woods, Henry 4th Loyal North Lancashire Territorials, H1-1916.

Wright, L Comrades' Battalion, H1-1916.

Wynn, Fred King's Liverpool, H1-1916.