cross Ainsworth, James Walmsley Memorial Book Younger brother of WM. Gunner, H7-1940 Memorial Book: Royal Regiment of Artillery James Walmsley Ainsworth Born May the eighteenth, 1921, entered the School September the thirteenth, 1932 and left May the twenty-eighth, 1937. Served in the Royal Regiment of Artillery, 88th Field Regiment, from September 1939 and subsequently in the First Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Central Mediterranean Force. Captain. Accidentally killed whilst on Active Service in Italy July eleventh 1946 CWG: Ainsworth, J W Captain Royal Artillery, 1st Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment. 25 years. Died 11th July 1946. Service Number 228129. Son of Arthur James Ainsworth and Isabella Ainsworth; husband of Jessie Ainsworth, of Barton, Lancashire. Grave Reference: V . E . 2 Padua War Cemetery.

Ainsworth, W M Lance Bombardier, former Territorial, H7-1940. May be Prisoner of War in Malaya.

Alley, Eric Edward PGSA No 640, 18th March 1940. 4 Hazlemere Road, Ashton, Preston. Birth 6th September 1923. Entry 10th September 1936, Leaving 31st July 1939. Royal Navy 29th October 1941 Membership Register. Russian convoys, survived a sinking in the Mediterranean. Joined Preston Borough Police Force, H7-1947.

Appleby, R E May be Prisoner of War in Malaya. Prisoner of the Japanese, H-Midsummer-1943.

Arkwright, John William Date of Entry 1927, Date of Leaving 1929. PGSA No 478, 25th January 1935. 4 Higher Bank Road, Fulwood, Preston. 54 Dale Street, Lancaster. ? 74 Ulleswater Road. Lancaster. Prisoner of War in Germany - letter from Mrs Arkwright 11th November 1940, Membership Register.

Armstrong, Geoffrey Aircraftsman, RAF Police, H12-1940. Corporal, stationed in Wales.

Armstrong, Herbert Malcolm Entry May 1930, Leaving July 1938. PGSA No 658, 27thJune 1940. 23 York Avenue, Fulwood, Preston. Athletic Section. Card: Short Stack, 24 The Paddocks, Oatlands Chase, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 9RL. Subscriber, Heppell. 1929-1938. Membership List 1992. Listed for 1996, 1997 Dinners. Listed as being at PGSA Dinner 2000. Pilot Officer, in Canada somewhere near Guy Treasure.

Ashton, H Captain Army.

Ashton, Gunner Harry University Section, under training with exams every fortnight, H4-1940. No news recently from Harry, H7-1940. Promoted to Sergeant , H12-1940.

cross V Askew, Robert Memorial Book: Royal Air Force Robert Askew Born July the twenty-sixth, 1918, entered the School September the tenth, 1928, and left July the twenty-second, 1932. Served in the Royal Air Force, Bomber Command, from October 1941. Sergeant Observer. Killed on Active Service whilst on operations, June the tenth, 1943 CWG: Robert Askew Sergeant (Air Bomber) RAFVR. 428 (RCAF) Squadron. Died 11th June 1943. Service Number 1535621. Grave Reference: Row 6 Grave 13 Grimsargh (St Michael) Churchyard. On 27th May 1943 a twin-engined Wellington X from Dalton, Yorkshire, was on a raid to Essen, suffered engine trouble near the target and then on the return was hit by flak. It ditched off Grimsby, one crew member died and Robert Askew and the other crew members survived to fly again, with a new tail gunner, on 11th June with Dusseldorf as the target. The Wellington X crashed immediately after take-off, with one survivor. It was a Royal Canadian Air Force crew apart from Robert Askew. The Canadians were buried together.

Aspden, Jack Entry September 1929, Leaving June 1936. PGSA No 672, 23rd August 1940, 66 Raikes Road, Preston. Athletic Section. Gunner, a Regular, letter states they have been mechanised, H7-1940. (Is this Jock?) Aspden, Jock Lance-Corporal. Army Commando. In Operation Chariot, the St Nazaire raid, taken prisoner. Working on a farm in East Prussia, which his mother thinks will make him useful in the garden when he returns, H-Christmas-1942. In Stalag VIII B, L/Cpl Jack Aspden seems to have sorted out the name, H-Midsummer-1943.

Astley Merchant Navy Astley, L Third Wireless Officer. This is a Merchant Navy rank, he was on board a ship carrying troops to the Normandy beaches.

Atherton, Thomas PGS 1929 - 1933; PGSA No 576, 18th July 1938. 49 Brackenbury Street, Preston. HM Forces. Membership Register.

cross Attwater, William Eric Army, South-East Asia Command. Died, 4th November 1949, aged 25 years, in an accident to a car in which he was being driven, causing fatal injuries. Son of William C Attwater, Past-President, H1-1950.