Fairley, F May be a civilian instructor at Woolwich under considerable pressure.

Farrah, Harold Sergeant Army May be Prisoner of War in Malaya. Prisoner of the Japanese, H-Midsummer-1943.

Fazackerley, Officer Cadet A Hard physical and mental effort but has enjoyed the training, H7-1940.

Fernley, Private W J R RASC, was in France and billeted at the top of a building which, if it had been hit, at least meant he would meet St Peter before those on lower floors! H7-1940. Corporal, with the BEF in France before being evacuated from Calais completely unscathed, H12-1940. Telecommuniations Mechanic working with an AA Battery.

Fisher, A C Captain Left 1933.

Fitchie, J F Marine

cross Flannery, serving in Greece; brother-in-law of David Kerr.

Fleetwood, Corporal Middle East.

Fleming, S RAF Corporal, H-Christmas-1942.

Fleming, Pat is in the same area of USA Western seaboard as his form-mate Ted Laraway.

Fletcher, Frank was in a reserved occupation but volunteered and has been accepted for a commission in the Army. University Section, New Member, H7-1940. 2nd Lieutenant in the Infantry, H-Christmas-1942.

Forshaw, Eric Aircraftsman Wireless Operator. Was in the Orange Free State, H-Christmas-1942

Fortune, John Is known to have been a Paratrooper, H7-1944.

Fowler, A G Militia H12-1939.

French, E Resident in South Africa, taken prisoner at Tobruk, released, H7-1945.

French, J A Major Rhodesian Border Regiment.