Hale, Maurice Wolfenden RAF PGS 1936 - 1942; PGSA 17th June 1943 No 795. 27 Walton Park, Walton, Liverpool.

Hall, E Corporal RAF Wireless Repair.

Hall, H Sergeant Army RASC H-Christmas-1942.

Hall, J S Army

Hall, Signalman R (Bob) Can now clean his boots properly. Was the Harris goalie but now is playing inside left. Had been hoping for some leave to get married, H7-1940. Serving in the East, sailed on the same troopship as Len England. Sergeant, an instructor.

Hall, W E Army

Hanson, A H Second Lieutenant

Hargreaves, John Had been a prisoner of war of the Japanese for nearly four years, H7-1949.

Harris, Arthur N Major, Royal Engineers, Middle East.

cross Harris, George Memorial Book Sergeant Gunner, may have been in the Pathfinder force; has been on a St Nazaire raid, H-Midsummer-1943. Memorial Book: Royal Air Force George Harris Born February the eighteenth, 1923, entered the School September the twelfth, 1934 and left March the twentieth, 1940. School Prefect. Served in the Royal Air Force from April 1942. Special Duties Branch. Warrant Officer. Missing presumed killed in operation over Norway December the thirtieth, 1944. CWG: George Harris Warrant Officer RAFVR 138 Squadron. 21 years. Died 31st December 1944. Service Number 1485057. Son of Daniel and Winifred Harris, of Preston, Lancashire. Memorial Reference: Panel 213 Runnymede Memorial. 138 Squadron was formed on 25h August 1941 as a mixed aircraft squadron tasked for Special Operations Executive duties, usually parachuting personnel and supplies behind enemy lines. A Stirling Mk IV was used on this operation. The early Short Stirling was under-powered as a heavy bomber but engine changes made it effective in other roles. On 30h/31st December 1944 Stirling LK 283 - NF - L was lost at sea from sea-borne anti-aircraft fire during Operation Crupper 10; George Harris was listed as a crew member.

Hartley, J Kenneth Major.

Harwood, Alfred born 1925. At School 1936 - 1941, Thornley. Enlisted RAF 7th September 1942 and trained as a pilot in South Africa, graduating 5 January 1945. Posted to RAF Heliopolis Egypt. Demobbed 2nd July 1946. Died 14th December 1984.

Harwood, W In December 1947 reference to past service in RAF which seems unlikely to have been National Service.

cross Haworth, Ronald Lewis Memorial Book Memorial Book: Royal Air Force Ronald Lewis Haworth Born August the tenth, 1921, entered the School September the twelfth, 1933 and left July the twenty-fourth, 1937. Served in the Royal Air Force, Bomber Command, from May 1941. Sergeant Navigator Missing presumed killed in operations over Germany June the twelfth, 1943. CWG: Ronald Lewis Howarth Sergeant Navigator. RAFVR. 100 Squadron. 21 years. Died 13th June 1943. Service Number 1132279. Son of James and Isabella Howarth, of Preston, Lancashire. Grave Reference: 5 . F . 15 Reichswald Forest War Cemetery. On 12th June 1943 the Lancasters of 100 Squadron took off from RAF Waltham, Grimsby, just before midnight for a raid on Bochum at the heart of the Ruhr. 503 aircraft were in the raid which destroyed 130 acres. Lancaster III W4989 HW-F2 crashed near Essen and the crew were buried initially at Dusseldorf.

Hayes, Frank married Edith Riley. Frank is in the same camp as Lance Corporal J R Hodgson H7-1940. Lance Corporal F Hayes has 15 months Army service, H12-1940.

Haywood, T Sub-Lieutenant Royal Navy

cross Heald, Hugh Memorial Book Army Dental Corps, RAMC, H12-1939. Lieutenant. Dentist, working flat out on the teeth of recruits, H4-1940. Younger brother of Roger, still in Britain as an Army dentist, H4-1940. Memorial Book: Army Dental Corps Hugh Heald Born April the sixth, 1915, entered the School September the sixteenth, 1925 and left July the twenty-ninth, 1931. Served in the Army Dental Corps from 1940. Captain. Died on Active Service March the thirteenth, 1941. CWG: Hugh Heald Captain Army Dental Corps. Died 13h March 1941. Service Number 10442. BDS. Grave reference: Section A.E.C. Grave 319 Chorley Cemetery.

Heald, Roger PGSA No 341, 10h October 1929. 25 Garstang Road, Fulwood, Preston. January 1923 - July 1929. Card: TD, DL, ACA, deleted, FCA, FIOM deleted. 50 Moss Bank Road, deleted. 46 Villiers Crescent inserted, Eccleston, St Helens WA10 5HR. Life Member. HM Forces. Searchlights, H12-1939. Lieutenant. Called up early and movements wrapped in an impenetrable air of secrecy ever since. Believed to have been assigned to a post in the Far North, H4-1940. Captain, responsible for planning and construction of two camps near Offa's Dyke. H-Christmas-1942. Been on a course in the West Riding. Captain Roger Heald married Beatrice M Thurston on 8h May 1943 at Whitewell Church, near Whitchurch, Salop, H-Midsummer-1943.

Heane, W H Flight Lieutenant W H Heane, RAFVR, aged 21, has been awarded the DFC for gallantry and devotion to duty during air operations. Attested in 1941, he was trained in Canada and the USA and has been based in UK on operational duty for 12 months.

Heaps, T PGSOB goalkeeper, returned by the RAF, apparently unfit, H7-1944.

Heaton, John Junior Gym master. Apparently one of the finest sprinters in the country. Enlisted/called up as a PTI and rapidly promoted to Sergeant Instructor. H4-1940 Plays bassoon in the School orchestra. Junior Gym Master. One of the best sprinters in the country. Enlisted in the Army as a PTI and promoted to Sergeant-Instructor The first member of the teaching staff to join or to be called up, H4-1940. Sergeant-Inspector John, APTS, won the Forces 100 and 220 yards at Manchester on 6h July 1940, H7-1940. (The rank ought to be Sergeant-Instructor; Army Physical Training Service.) Left two terms ago to become a PTI in the Army. The Government now has a scheme to provide physical training to youths between fourteen and eighteen who would not otherwise have such facilities. Has been released from the Army under this scheme and returned to the School, H12-1940. Recalled to the Physical Training Corps, H7-1944. Returned from war service and is Captain of PGSOB football team but has an appointment in Blackpool, H7-1947.

cross Helm, Francis Memorial Book Memorial Book: Royal Air Force Francis Helm Born March the eleventh, 1922, entered the School September the twelfth, 1933 and left July the twenty-sixth, 1938. Served in the Royal Air Force, Bomber Command, from 1941. Flight Sergeant. Missing presumed killed in operations over Germany January the thirtieth, 1944 CWG: Francis Helm Flight Sergeant Wireless Operator (Air) RAFVR 100 Squadron. 21 years. Died 30h January 1944. Service Number 1437898. Son of James and Elizabeth Helm of Preston, Lancashire. Grave Reference 7. A . 22 Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery. The list of names in the Minster gives him as Frank. 100 Squadron flew Lancasters from RAF Grimsby, otherwise known as RAF Waltham. It had flown 86 sorties without loss in the previous six raids on Berlin. On 30th January 1944 Lancaster III ND398 HW-B took off about 1700 hours for Berlin and return time was to have been about 2330 hours. Three of the Squadron's Lancasters were lost. There were burials reported from Karwe, near Karstädt, and there was one survivor who became a prisoner of war. 540 aircraft were dispatched on this raid, 33 were lost; 193 crew members were killed and 53 prisoners of war. The raid was over the target for 14 minutes, dropping 1,896 tons of bombs.

Henthorn, C T Gunner. Sapper, in Malaya, H7-1947.

Heppell, James R M His PGS history states 3rd (Queen Alexandra's Own) Gurkha Rifles in India and Burma. India, Cadet, hoping for a commission soon. Same station as Kenneth Nightingale, H-Christmas-1942. Second Lieutenant, H-Midsummer-1943.

Heys, J C Aircraftsman in Photographic Section, H-Christmas-1942. Has left Blackpool for overseas, H-Midsummer-1943.

Heyworth, R Army

cross Hill, Kenneth Walter Memorial Book PGSA Number 782, 8h November 1942. 22 Symonds Road, Preston. Membership Register. Memorial Book: Royal Corps of Signals Kenneth Walter Hill Born November the twenty-first, 1922, entered the School September the twelfth 1934 and left July the twenty-sixth 1938. Served Royal Corps of Signals. Signalman. Killed in action in North Africa January the twenty-first, 1943. CWG: Kenneth Walter Hill Signalman Royal Corps of Signals 4h Light Armoured Brigade Group Signals Section. 20 years. Died 21st January 1943. Service Number 2379801. Son of Walter and Elizabeth Hill, of Preston, Lancashire. Memorial Reference: Column 52 Alamein Memorial.

Hilton, Lance Corporal P R Went to France early in the war, H7-1940.

Hilton, R Sergeant Royal Armoured Corps in Middle East Forces, Alamein, hospital at Tobruk with hepatitis, was also at Dunkirk, H-Midsummer-1943

cross Hilton, Ronald Denis Memorial Reported as missing during air operations over India. He left the Agricultural Department of the County Offices to join the RAF is 1941, H7-1945. Memorial Book: Royal Air Force Ronald Denis Hilton Born March the twenty-second, 1922, entered the School September the twelfth, 1933 and left February the eighth, 1938. Served in the Royal Air Force from March 1940. 159 Squadron. Flight Sergeant. Missing presumed killed in operations over Burma December the twenty-ninth, 1944. CWG: Ronald Denis Hilton Flight Sergeant RAFVR 159 Squadron. 22 years. Died 29h December 1944. Service Number 1233506. Son of Joseph and Sarah Emily Hilton, of Ashton, Preston, Lancashire. Memorial Reference: Column 434 Singapore Memorial. Ronald Denis Hilton was the Rear Gunner of "X", KH 276, Liberator Mk VI, Flight Sergeant A J Stewart, Captain. The Liberator was shot down by anti-aircraft fire off Elephant Point on 29th December 1944.

Hilton, Thomas Duncan PGSA No 924, 1st February 1945. Stoneleigh, Station Road, New Longton, Preston. Entry 1934. Card: 18 Aspels Crescent, Penwortham, Preston. Left PGS December 1941. Date of joining January 1945. LM SR. Royal Artillery, Private, H-Christmas-1942. HM Forces (Lt). On 7h June 1947 at St Mary's Church, Penwortham, married Jean Andrew.

Hind, F Signalman Army, in UK, H-Christmas-1942. In Italy. Playing football, 22 goals in 13 matches. Writes towards the end of the North African campaign, H-Midsummer-1943.

Hitchen, W Arthur Merchant Navy, Radio Officer, Forces, H-Christmas-1942,

Hodgkinson, Richard Birth 16th October 1922. PGS September 1933 - 29h August 1940; PGSA Number 678, 12h June 1940. Ivy Cottage, Whittingham Lane, Broughton, Preston. Athletic Section. Forces, November 1941. Membership Register. HM Forces, H-Christmas-1942.

Hodgson, Joseph E G Royal Armoured Corps

cross Hodson, John Memorial Book Gunner, a despatch rider in the Royal Artillery, was killed in a collision whilst on active service on 17h September 1939, H4-1940. Memorial Book: Royal Regiment of Artillery John Hodson Born December the third, 1912, entered the School September the seventeenth, 1924 and left July the twenty-fourth, 1929. Served in the Royal Regiment of Artillery from September 1939. Gunner. Accidentally killed whilst on Active Service September the seventeenth, 1939 CWG: John Hodgson Gunner, Royal Artillery. 209 Battery, 73rd Anti-Aircraft Regiment. 26 years. Died 17h September 1939. Service Number 1430989. Son of Robert and Maud Hodson, of Preston, husband of Georgina M C Hodson, of Preston. Grave Reference: Section F, Nonconformist, Grave 458, Preston (New Hall Lane) Cemetery.

Hodgson, Lance Corporal J R Undergoing intensive training. Has met Kerr Calderbank and Hayes. H7-1940.

cross Hogg, William Arden Memorial Book Memorial Book: Royal Air Force Regiment William Arden Hogg Born November the twenty-fourth, 1916, entered the School April the tenth, 1929 and left July the twenty-sixth, 1933. Served in the Royal Air Force Regiment from May 1940. Squadron Leader. Died of fever whilst on Active Service in North Africa August the sixteenth, 1943 CWG: William Arden Hogg Squadron Leader RAFVR 2930 Squadron RAF Regiment 26 years. Died 16h August 1943. Service Number 104933. Son of William and Ellen Irwin Hogg, of Penwortham, Preston, Lancashire. Grave reference 7 . B . 16 Tripoli War Cemetery. 2930 Squadron formed at Castel Benito in February 1943 in the Light Anti-Aircraft role. Served at Mareth, Gabe, Azizia, Benghazi, Khanka, Helwan, Gaza East, Hadera, and was disbanded April 1944.

Holden, C P L/Cpl In Beit Nabala, a turbulent spot in the Middle East, H7-1947. (Not clear whether this is WW2 or National Service.)

Holden, Mr Fred Pickup RAF

Hopkins, Harry Private Escaped from Singapore to India. Royal Army Ordnance Corps, Hopkins, H 2nd Lieutenant in New Delhi, Public Relations Directorate, GHQ, H-Midsummer-1943. Captain India

Horam, John Shaw Lieutenant, Royal Canadian Navy, HMCS Skeena in major anti submarine battle. The destroyer Skeena had a very busy time as a convoy escort on the North Atlantic. John Horam took part in a 66-hour battle with at least 20 U-boats, H-Midsummer-1942. This may have been 9th to 14th September 1941 when Convoy SC42, 64 ships, south of Cape Farewell was attacked by at least seventeen U-boats. Skeena was credited with three sinkings but post-war reassessments disclose 16 ships lost from the convoy, two U-boats sunk with U 85 being damaged by Skeena. On 23rd September 1939 when Convoy HX.2 left Halifax for UK Skeena appears to have been the sole escort! On 12h June 1940 Skeena and two other RCN destroyers met off Gibraltar a troopship convoy from Australia and New Zealand, with several of the finest British passenger liners, including Queen Mary being escorted to the Clyde by a force led by HMS Hood.

Howarth, Jack RAF Sergeant DFM H-Midsummer-1943.

Howarth, James HM Forces Membership Register. PGSA No 382, 6h September 1930. 22 Victoria Parade Preston 22 Fishwick Parade, Preston. September 1925 - July 1930. 189 High Road, Halton, Lancaster.

Howarth, Private T enjoys army life, better even than the School Scouts, H7-1940.

Howarth, Tom Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant RAOC

Hoyle, E Army

Hoyle, T Possibly in the Navy - met S Barker.

Hoyle, W Ordinary Telegraphist. In Scotland.

Hudson, George W Corporal RAF Mentioned in Despatches. Sergeant.

Hudson, K Royal Navy, H7-1944.

Hudson, W Marine, Mess 26 HMS Despatch C/o GPO London Date of Entry September 1929; Date of Leaving August 1933; 28 Room, 2 Company, RM Barracks, Southsea, Hampshire. A Regular. Membership Register.

cross Hughes, Alfred Memorial Book Memorial Book: Parachute Regiment Alfred Hughes Born January the twentysixth, 1916, entered the School September the fourteenth, 1927 and left March the second 1932. Served in the Parachute Regiment. Lieutenant. Killed in action in Normandy June the sixth, 1944 (D-day) CWG: Alfred Hughes Lieutenant Parachute Regiment 9h Battalion. 28 years. Died 6th June 1944. Service Number 273622. Son of Richard and Ellen Hughes, of Preston, Lancashire; husband of Violet Ida Hughes of Preston. Grave Reference: Grave 7 St Vaast-en-Auge Churchyard. This is some 18 miles north east of Caen and 13 miles north west of Lisieux. There are 12 war graves. 9th Paras were part of the forces detailed to destroy, early on D-Day before the invasion fleets arrived, the Merville Battery - a huge heavily fortified coastal defence position dominating a landing beach. (See David Fisher Kerr, Glider Pilot Regiment.)

Huss, Terence RAF LAC A temporary member of Staff, is in India, H-Midsummer-1943.