Nabarro, Derrick D W Athletic Section, since the end of last season has joined the RAF, H12-1940. Sergeant, H-Christmas-1942. The London Gazette last night (19th January 1943) announced that Sergeant Derrick D W Nabarro, a pilot in the RAF, has been awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal, in recognition of gallant and distinguished service. This is the first award since the announcement on Saturday last that the DCM, an Army decoration, would be available for members of the RAF for gallantry on the ground. Nabarro joined the RAF as a volunteer in July, 1940, direct from Preston Grammar School, where he was champion athlete in 1939, and captain of the football and cricket teams, H-Midsummer-1943.

cross Nash, Thomas Memorial Book Royal Regiment of Artillery Thomas Nash Born August the nineteenth, 1920, entered the School September the fourteenth, 1931 and left July the twenty-fourth, 1936. Served in the Royal Regiment of Artillery from September 1939. Gunner. Killed in action at the Sangro crossing in Italy January the nineteenth, 1944 CWG: Thomas Nash Gunner Royal Artillery 138 Field Regiment. 23 years. Died 19th January 1944. Service Number 1435399. Grave Reference V . E . 40, Sangro River War Cemetery.

C Newbold Possibly Army, Sergeant.

Newhouse, N T School Captain 1942-1943 but left since Christmas, Oxford Open Scholarship but entered the Army, transferred into Intelligence Corps, H-Christmas-1942. At Wadham since October 1946, appears to have served in India, H7-1947. Newhouse, N T 2nd Lieutenant Loyals.

Nightingale, Kenneth Volunteered for active service 1939. Eventually promoted to major, seconded to the Indian Army with the Gurkhas. LEP. India, same station as Jim Heppell, H-Christmas-1942. With Gurkhas, H-Midsummer-1943.

Nightingale, William Clifford Able Seaman. Royal Navy. Missing at sea, April 1941. Membership Register. HMS Voltaire was sunk by Thor, German auxiliary cruiser, on 4th April. The armed merchant cruiser, Voltaire, Lamport & Holt Line, 13,248grt, built 1923 for the Liverpool-New York-South America service, had been used as a troopship before being coverted to an AMC. Had eight elderly 6" guns. She was on passage from Halifax to Freetown via Trinidad when she met the commerce raider Thor in mid-Atlantic. There was a fierce 90-minute gun duel during which Voltaire was set on fire and sank. Thor rescued 197 but 75 crew were lost. In the PoW camp Clifford is working in the sick bay, earning the nickname 'Florence Nightingale', H12-1941. Clifford is a PoW in Germany, H-Midsummer-1943. His ship was sunk by a German raider in April 1941. In captivity edited a secret news bulletin; now released, H7-1945. Cousin to Geoffrey (1937-1941) and David (1948-1955) Swindlehurst qv.

Norman, Aircraftsman G Is now highly skilled at making tea, H7-1940.

Norman, G P RAF Sergeant, H-Christmas-1942.

Norman, George E Probationary Sick Bay Attendant. Volunteered for the Navy and called up last May. Hospital training in the south west, H-Christmas-1942.

Norton, G Fly. Opps. Left Canada for UK.

Norwood, Albert Born 12th February 1907, PGS 15th September 1915 to 29th June 1923. Left to join the Merchant Navy. No further information but check if he continued to serve.

cross Noy, Donald Reginald Memorial Book: Merchant Navy Donald Reginald Noy Born November the twelfth, 1924, entered the School September the tenth, 1936 and left May the twenty-ninth, 1940. Served in the Merchant Navy from October 1942. Second Radio Officer. Killed in a torpedo attack in the Indian Ocean September the twelfth, 1943. CWG: Donald Reginald Noy Second Radio Officer SS Fort Longueuil, London. 18 years. Died 20th September 1943. Memorial Reference: Panel 50 Tower Hill Memorial, London. Fort Longueuil was built by United Shipyards Ltd., Montreal, part of a contract for 90 similar standard ships. She was delivered on 8th December 1942, owned by the Ministry of War Transport, Lancashire Shipping Co as Managers. Crew of 49 plus 10 gunners. 4,532 tons. From Barry (Wales) to Australia with ammunition. Or, Kosseir and Aden to Fremantle, Port Kembla and Newcastle, NSW, with 8,475 tons of phosphates. Various guesses have been made that the voyage was a combination of the two with cargoes being picked up and dropped off at different ports. She was torpedoed in the Indian Ocean on 20th September 1943 by the German submarine U532, a Type IX/C40, built November 1942. German records give the date as 19th; however, German ships keep German time. There were apparently no survivors but, remarkably, on 1st February 1944 a life raft drifted ashore on Sumatra with two Indian sailors on board. They were promptly made prisoners of war by the Japanese. Donald Noy was posted as Missing until after the end of the war against Japan.

Nurton, George RAF Aircraftsman In USA, "peach belt".