Saunders, Aircraftsman A Has a good billet in a popular resort where he is training to be a flight rigger, H7-1940.

Saunders, Signalman (F Hayes contact), H12-1940.

Saunders, E H Private Still in England in a Regiment, serving with Harold Jones, H4-1940.

Seed, E F Sergeant Major left PGS about 13 years ago and has seen Service from Singapore to the North West Frontier, H12-1940.

Seed, Francis William PGSA No 259, 27th May 1927. DFC, Croix de Guerre. Suspend October 6th 1938. See 1914-18 for F W Seed, which war produced the medals?

Seed, G A Liverpool University, expecting to be called up for the FAA, H12-1939. (Is this an error for John Arthur Seed, Liverpool University, Fleet Air RM?)

cross Seed, John Arthur Memorial Book Date of Birth 14th July 1918. PGS 1928 - 1935. PGSA 25th August 1938, No 584. 2 Hastings Road Ashton-on-Ribble Preston. Killed in Action July 1940 serving with the Fleet Air Arm. Membership Register. Officer Cadet John Arthur "Pop" Seed, University Section, Fleet Air Arm, killed in action only a short time before he was due to receive his wings, H12-1940 Memorial Book: Fleet Air Arm John Arthur Seed Born July the fourteenth, 1918, entered the School September the tenth, 1928 & left July the twenty-fourth, 1935. Served in the Fleet Air Arm from February 1940. Officer Cadet. Killed in training whilst on Active Service July the twenty-first, 1940. CWG: John Arthur Seed Leading Airman HMS Daedalus. Died 21st July 1940. Service Number FX 78986. Grave Reference: Section 5 CofE Grave 1305. Preston (New Hall Lane) Cemetery. (Note: No other information is given on the CWG record. Daedalus is a Fleet Air Arm Base.) Was studying architecture at Liverpool University, has been recommended for a commission in the Fleet Air Arm, H4-1940. Is training for a commission in the Fleet Air Arm, H7-1940.

Seed, Richard Leading Aircraftsman, wireless operator.

Severs, Ronald Ernest PGSA No 788, 20th December 1942. Ingledene, Hazelmere Road, Broughton, Nr Preston. Athletic Section. Card: Ronald Ernest. 13, later 19 Conway Drive, Fulwood, Preston. Telephone 774021. 1939. Life Member. Re-numbered 1802. HM Forces. Entry 19 Left 1939. Joined March 1974 and re-numbered 1802, and (2009) transferred back to 788. 19 Conway Drive, Fulwood, Preston PR2 3EN. Worked at Horrockses at 10/- for a 48-hour week. RAF India. Newsletter October 2007.

Shadlock, G Indian Ocean

Sharples, Jack By 20 years old was a radio operator in the First Commando Brigade, D-Day landings 1944, Crossing the Rhine 1945. (LEP)

cross Sharples, John Frederick Memorial Book: Royal Air Force John Frederick Sharples Born December the ninth, 1922, entered the School September the nineteenth, 1934 and left July the twenty-seventh, 1939. Served in the Royal Air Force from 1942. Leading Aircraftsman. Died on Active Service July the third, 1944 CWG: John Frederick Sharples Leading Aircraftsman. 21 years. Died 3rd July 1944. Service Number 1674843. Son of William and May Sharples, of New Longton, Lancashire. Memorial: Screen Wall, Ipswich Crematorium. Helen, a researcher with the Ipswich War Memorials team, has provided some new information. His Death Certificate gives the cause of death as Tubercolous Meningitis and Hypostatic Pneumonia, at Ipswich Borough General Hospital. His father was with him when he died. Thank you to Helen for this (7-02-2018)

cross Shaw, Richard Kenneth Memorial Book : Royal Army Medical Corps Richard Kenneth Shaw Born April the eleventh, 1920, entered the School September the fourteenth, 1931 and left July the twenty-sixth, 1933. Served in the Royal Army Medical Corps from June 1940 and in the Airborne Division in 1944. Private. Died of wounds at Arnhem on or about the twenty-first of September 1944. CWG: Richard Kenneth Shaw Private Royal Army Medical Corps 16th Parachute Field Ambulance. 24 years. Died 21st September 1944. Service Number 7523428. Son of Matthew and Gertrude Milcah Shaw, of Leek, Staffordshire. Grave reference 22 . C . 10 Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery.

Sheridan, Norman Royal Navy, met Len Moore in Gibraltar.

Shorrock, G Aircraftsman Training as an armourer, H-Midsummer-1943.

Shufflebottom, C PGSOB team secretary, left during the season to join the Forces, H-Midsummer-1943.

Simons, Cyril University Section, Forces, H12-1940. Army, Corporal, in UK in an area with many US personnel, RAOC, H-Christmas-1942

Simpson, George In Canada, playing football, met Harry Johnstone and presumably in the RAF. Leading Aircraftsman, training for aircrew, passed his final flyng test, now Sergeant, H-Christmas-1942. Returned from war service.

Simpson, Henry George RAF

Sinclair, Arthur Crawford Father - tea merchant, deceased. Guardian - B P Megahy, Inisfail Watling Street Road Fulwood Preston. Laundryman deleted. (See Theodore James Anderson) Arthur born 7th January 1897. Bangor Grammar School, Co Down. PGS 16th January 1911 to 25th July 1914. Oxford and Cambridge Schools Examination July 1913, School Certificate. Harris Football First XI, inside right, 1913, H12-1913. Higher Certificate 1914. Private coaching for Belfast Matriculation Examination in preparation for study of Medicine and Surgery. PGSA No 372, 26th April 1930. Dr, MD, DPH, DPM. Mental Hospital, Brentwood, Essex. Life Member. Card: Flerrison Hospital, Flerrison, Dorchester. Delepsed. HM Forces. ("Delepsed" is plainly written and seems to be a combination of deleted and lapsed!) May be in the Navy, met S Barker.

cross Smirk, William Cecil Memorial Book: Royal Air Force William Cecil Smirk Born April the twenty-sixth, 1914, entered the School April the twenty-third 1925 and left July the twenty-fourth, 1929. Served in the Royal Air Force, Bomber Command, from March 1940. 77 Squadron. Sergeant Engineer. Missing presumed killed in operations over Germany September the seventh, 1943 CWG: William Cecil Smirk Sergeant. RAFVR. 77 Squadron. Died 7th September 1943. Service Number 983888. Memorial Reference: Panel 165 Runnymede Memorial. 77 Squadron flew Halifax heavy bombers. William Smirk appears to have been the flight engineer of Halifax II DT793 KN-E which left Elvington during the evening of 6th September for Munich. The raid by 404 Lancasters and Halifaxes sustained sixteen losses.

cross Smith, Peter Woodhouse Memorial Book: Corps of Royal Engineers Peter Woodhouse Smith Born May the twenty-ninth, 1916, entered the School September the sixteenth, 1925 and left July the twenty-fourth 1928. Served in the Corps of Royal Engineers from 1939. Captain. Mentioned posthumously in Despatches for distinguished service. Killed in action in Normandy June the sixth, 1944 (D-day) CWG: Peter Woodhouse Smith Captain Royal Engineers Obstacle Clearing Unit. 28 Years. Died 6th June 1944. Service Number 132795. Son of Revd Alfred Samuel Woodhouse Smith MA, and Dorothy Smith, of Timberscombe, Somerset. MA Oxon. Grave Reference X . E . 25, Bayeux War Cemetery. Mentioned in Despatches (posthumously).

Smith, Sidney May be Prisoner of War in Malaya. Royal Artillery, Gunner. Prisoner in Malai Camp, H-Midsummer-1943.

Sowerbutts, Leslie T Sergeant Attached to a fild Battery in MEF, H-Midsummer-1943.

Sowerby, Bernard RAF Sergeant Mentioned in Despatches for gallant conduct in an area and an action that must remain secret, H-Midsummer-1943.

Sowerby, Esmond W Long serving Territorial officer, Royal Artillery. Captured at Singapore, which led to an intense dislike of anything Japanese. Had kept a diary throughout his captivity - penalty if discovered would have been beheading - which he took back to Singapore for War Criminal trials. County Treasurer's Department, ended as Deputy Chief Cashier. Sowerby, Second Lieutenant E W is immensely proud of his regiment "the oldest in the world" (Royal Artillery), H7-1940. 11th Indian Division, missing at Singapore now reported as a prisoner, H-Midsummer-1943.

Speakman, A RAF Sergeant Reported missing whilst on an operation over enemy territory is now a prisoner of war, H12-1941. Prisoner in Germany, H-Midsummer-1943.

Standing, Basil Flying Officer

Stephens, C A Royal Navy Ordinary Signaller, H-Christmas-1942.

cross Stevenson, George Telford Memorial Book: Royal Regiment of Artillery George Telford Stevenson Born December the sixth, 1918, entered the School September the eleventh, 1929 and left on July the twenty-fourth, 1935. Served in the Royal Regiment of Artillery, 88th Field Regiment, from September 1939. Lance Bombardier. Died October the sixteenth, 1943, at Chungkai in Thailand whilst a Prisoner-of-War in the hands of the Japanese. CWG: George Telford Stevenson Lance Bombardier Royal Artillery 88 Field Regiment. 24 years. Died 16th October 1943. Service Number 910785. Son of Percy Telford Stevenson and Amanda Stevenson; husband of Margaret Mary Stevenson, of Fulwood, Preston, Lancashire. Grave Reference 9 . B . 4 Chungkai War Cemetery, Thailand. Burma - Siam Railway.

Stott, M RAF, H-Christmas-1942.

cross Sumner, Fred Memorial Book PGSA No 630, 24th February 1940. PGS June 1932 - June 1938. 78 Prospect Terrace, Preston. Memorial Book: Fleet Air Arm Fred Sumner Born November the ninth, 1920, entered the School September the thirteenth 1932 and left November the fourth, 1938. Served in the Fleet Air Arm from November 1942. Sub-Lieutenant. Killed whilst on Active Service December the fifteenth, 1944 CWG: Fred Sumner Sub-Lieutenant (A) RNVR. HMS Nightjar. 24 years. Died 15th December 1944. The son of Cuthbert and Ellen Sumner of Preston, Lancashire. Memorial Reference: Bay 5 Panel 6 Lee-on-Solent Memorial. HMS Nightjar was the RN airfield at Inskip. The Fleet Air Arm names its Bases after appropriate birds to be found in the area. Thus, the temporary aluminium strip put down in the Falklands for the Harriers and helicopters which was capable of coming apart when it shouldn't was appropriately named HMS Sheathbill, a local seabird of unprepossessing appearance and disgusting habits!

Sumner, T Ordinary Seaman, was a curate in training, H-Midsummer-1943.

Sunderland, Richard Aircraftsman. Birth 5th August 1924. Entry 10th September 1935, Leaving September 1940. PGSA No 691, 1st November 1940. 232 St Thomas' Road, Preston. Athletic Section. Card: ATI. 103 Black Bull Lane, Fulwood. 233 Black Bull Lane. 11 Yewlands Drive, Fulwood, Preston. Life Member. HM Forces. Learning the principles of electricity, magnetism, and harvesting! RAF 1943 for four years, two in India. October 2008 Newsletter.

Sutton, Clifford Lance Bombardier, married Joan Thompson, H4-1940. In same Unit as Driver E G Bamber, H7-1940. Bombardier, is safe but a prisoner of war, H12-1940. Demobilised in 1946 after five years in a German PoW camp, H7-1947.

Swindlehurst, Geoffrey Maurice Birth 1st February 1926. Entry September 1937, Leaving 9th October 1941. PGSA No 748, 18th November 1941. 32 Manor House Lane, Holme Slack, Preston. Athletic Section. Volunteered 1942/3 Loyal Regiment, service in NI, East Africa, Madagascar, Ethiopia and Palestine. Demobilised 1947 as substantive Captain. Card: Holme Slack Farm, Mau Narok, Kenya. PO Box 255, Nanyuki, Kenya, East Africa. Killed in Kenya 15th October 1969 whilst flying passengers to Nairobi as a commercial pilot.

Swindlehurst, Trooper Jack had an equitation course and then his Unit was mechanised , H4-1940.