Walker, J B Royal Engineers

Wallwork, H C Captain

Walmsley, D V Royal Marines

Walmsley, F Staff Sergeant To France in 1939; Greece, Albania with the Greek Army; Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Tripolitania, Italy.

Walsh, R B Lance-Bombardier H12-1940. May be Prisoner of War in Malaya.

Ward, R H met his brother T E in Italy.

Ward, T E Craftsman Met his brother R H in Italy.

Watson, Roger S Aircraftsman, Flight Mechanic, with a Squadron overseas, H-Christmas-1942.

Waud, H E Trooper Eighth Army in North Africa, tank crew, interviewed by British United Press correspondents, H-Christmas-1942.

cross Waud, Thomas Edward Memorial Book At PGS September 1921 to December 1926. PGSA No 255, 9th April 1927. 11 Addison Road West, Ashton-on-Ribble, Preston. 37 Newton Road, Ashton-on-Ribble, Preston. Struck off membership 1936-37. Younger brother of Alfred Edward, also at the School. HMS Martin, G44, was laid down by Vickers Armstrong on the Tyne on 23rd October 1939, launched on 12th December 1940 and completed on 4th April 1942. An L and M-Class Destroyer. She was torpedoed by U-431 when north east of Algiers on 10th November 1942. There were 63 survivors but 161 lost their lives. Memorial Book: Royal Navy Thomas Edward Waud Born April the twentieth, 1910, entered the School September the fourteenth 1921 and left December the twenty-first 1926. Served in the Royal Navy from December 1941. His Majesty's Ship Martin. Able Seaman. Missing presumed killed off Algiers, during the landings in North Africa, November tenth, 1942. CWG: Thomas Edward Waud Able Seaman HMS Martin 32 years Died 10th November 1942 Service Number P/JX 314485 Son of Herbert Edward and Margaretta Waud; husband of Mildred Waud, of Penwortham, Lancashire. Memorial: Panel 65 Column 1 Portsmouth Naval Memorial

Wearden, C K was studying architecture at Liverpool University, has been recommended for a commission in the Fleet Air Arm, H4-1940. Wearden, Cliff University Section, is training for a commission in the Fleet Air Arm, H7-1940. University Section, Forces, H12-1940. Sub-Lieutenant (A). H-Christmas, 1942.

cross Webster, Douglas Royland Memorial Book Father - John Harold Webster, 12 Rose Avenue, Preston. Universal Miller (engineer). Douglas born 22nd November 1918. Roebuck School. Application for PGS 3rd July 1930. [Douglas Roland] Sub-Lieutenant RNVR. Killed in action off the coast of France, H7-1940. Memorial Book: Royal Navy Douglas Royland Webster Born November the twenty-second, 1918, entered the School September the tenth 1930 and left November the twenty-eighth, 1934. Served in the Royal Navy from September 1939. His Majesty's Ship Vimy. Sub-Lieutenant. Killed on board whilst bringing wounded out of Boulogne May the twenty-fourth, 1940. CWG: Douglas Royland Webster Sub-Lieutenant RNVR HMS Vimy 21 years Died 23rd May 1940 Son of John Harold and Eliza Webster, of Ashton-on-Ribble, Lancashire. Memorial Panel 44 Column 2 Portsmouth Naval Memorial The destroyer HMS Vimy was launched on 28th December 1917 as HMS Vancouver. She was not modernised between the wars. On 9th August 1939 she recommissioned with a Reservist company. During the next few months she was engaged on convoy escorts in the Western Approaches, the Channel, North Sea and several Gibraltar convoys. On 6th February 1940 convoy OBM85G was under escort off Bishop's Rock when an Anson of Coastal Command, 217 Squadron, lost control during a turn and dived into the sea. One member of the four-man crew survived and was rescued by Vimy. An 'OB' convoy was outward bound from Liverpool and M probably indicates to the Mediterranean. In May 1940 came under Dover Command, and on the 13th escorted to UK from Ymuiden the Blue Funnel Line's Perseus carrying the Dutch gold reserves together with some members of the Dutch Royal Household. On 22nd May she bombarded Calais and brought out a detachment of Welsh Guards. On 23rd May she took Irish and Welsh Guards and a Royal Marines' demolition team [Operation XD(G)] into Boulogne and brought out wounded. The Royal Marines were to demolish the locks so as to render the dock system unusable, the Guards were to defend the Marines whilst they carried out their demolitions. Operation Dynamo, the evacuation of the Army from France, began on the evening of 26th May. Prior to that the Navy brought out wounded and specific Units. The destroyers Keith and Whitshed had delivered troops to Calais before joining Vimy in Boulogne. Keith and Whitshed berthed side by side at the quay, Whitshed taking stretcher cases. She fought an artillery battle against German troop movements, tanks, artillery and machine gun positions. Fully loaded, she backed out of the harbour, and when a machine gun post in a warehouse overlooking the quay came within her arc of fire it was obliterated at point blank range, and then also destroyed several others. Once outside the harbour she continued to attack tanks, artillery, and destroyed a French fort which had been taken over by the Germans. Reports stated that the troops ashore enjoyed and were greatly heartened by the strange experience of a Navy destroyer waging an artillery battle with her 4.7-inch main armament against tanks and artillery. As Whitshed left Vimy took her place and continued the battle. Shortly afterwards there was a co-ordinated attack by massed Ju 87 Stuka dive bombers, machine guns, mortars and troops. Near misses to Keith by dive bombers with hits from mortar shells and machine gun fire damaged the bridge and gun positions, killed the Commanding Officer, other Officers and Men. Vimy's CO was seriously injured and one Officer and several Men were killed. That one Officer would appear to be Douglas Webster. When fully loaded the two destroyers began to withdraw, Vimy on fire aft and with a list, but not seriously damaged. Whitshed returned to give support and the three destroyers continued the artillery battle. Keith and Vimy were ordered to Dover. Keith buried her dead at sea and Vimy presumably did likewise.

Westley, Arthur B Has returned to civilian life, H-Christmas-1942.

Westrope, F Sapper later, Lance Corporal. Italy. Returned from war service.

Whalley, B Officer in local 541 Squadron ATC, H-Christmas-1942.

Whalley, H Marine, previously in Lancashire Constabulary CID, H-Christmas-1942. Lance Corporal, Royal Marines but has been moving between Units which caused him to lose and then recover his stripes. Corporal, H-Midsummer-1943.

cross Whalley James Memorial Book: Royal Air Force James Whalley Born August the fourteenth, 1913, entered the School September the sixteenth, 1925 and left July the twenty-fourth, 1929. Served in the Royal Air Force, Bomber Command, from December 1940. Sergeant Observer. Missing presumed killed in operations over Europe July the twenty-sixth, 1942. CWG: James Whalley Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Sergeant Observer. 138 Squadron. Service Number 1072964. 28 years. Died 26th July 1942. Son of Thomas and Jane Whalley of Preston, Lancashire; husband of Edith Whalley, of Preston. Grave Reference: Plot L Grave 4 Vire New Communal Cemetery. Vire is a small town in the Calvados prefecture, about 37 miles south west of Caen. There are four graves from the 1939-1945 war. 138 Squadron was a Special Duties squadron operating for the Special Operations Executive (see George Harris). On Saturday / Sunday, 25th/26th July 1942, the Whitley V bomber Z9282 - NF - M, Flight Sergeant John Owen, captain, crashed at Vire during an SOE mission on Cholet, which is about 50 miles east-south-east of St Nazaire, Nantes halfway between the two. The Whitley had a crew of five, one survived and became a prisoner of war.

Whalley, William PGSA No 320, 9th February 1929. 28 Station Road, Bamber Bridge, nr Preston. 18 School Lane, Bamber Bridge, nr Preston. 4 Grove Road, Walton-le-Dale. 5 Chorley Road, Walton-le-Dale. 188A Victoria Road, Walton, Preston. Glengarth, Higher Walton Road, Higher Walton, Preston. Card: Glengarth, 314 Higher Walton Road, PR5 4HT. 1926. Life Member. HM Forces. Aircraftsman, based near home so able to continue playing football for PGSOB, H-Christmas-1942. Overseas on a long voyage which means he missed his weekly game of football, H-Midsummer-1943. L A C, RAF, Ceylon. Later, Corporal.

White, George Army Trooper Made disparaging remarks about the letter censors wearing out razor blades so his letter had many holes and few words. Royal Armoured Corps, joined in July 1942, stationed in Wiltshire, H-Christmas-1942.

Whitemoss, Cyril HM Forces, H-Christmas-1942.

Whiteside, Gunner K Appears to be a heavy artillery driver, H7-1940. Gunner, H12-1940.

Whittle, H May be in RAF, seen by E J Kilner, H-Midsummer-1943.

Wiggans, K Aircraftsman 2.

Wignall, William Cecil Card Index HM Forces.

Wilcock, Kenneth Signalman Happy compiling balance sheets and working in the Pay Office, H-Christmas-1942. Also shown as a Gunner. Back as a Signalman, in an office overlooking the beach in a pleasant seaside town, H-Midsummer-1943.

cross Wilkinson, Geoffrey Prater Memorial Book RAF Born 5th December 1922. PGS September 1934 - August 1938; PGSA No 681, 12th October 1940, Athletic Section. 20 Woodside Avenue, Ribbleton, Preston. Membership Register. Memorial Book: Royal Air Force Geoffrey Prater Wilkinson Born December the fifth, 1922, entered the School September the twelfth, 1934, and left July the twenty-sixth, 1938. Served in the Royal Air Force, Coastal Command, from February 1941. 248 Squadron. Flight Sergeant Pilot. Missing presumed killed in a flying accident whilst on Active Service September the seventh, 1943. CWG: Geoffrey Prater Wilkinson Flight Sergeant RAFVR 248 Squadron 20 years Died 7th September 1943 Service Number 1236806. Son of Charles S and Ada Wilkinson, of Ribbleton, Lancashire. Memorial Reference: Panel 140, Runnymede Memorial. 248 Squadron flew Blenheims from Cornwall providing fighter escort for strike aircraft attacking shipping off the French coast and the Bay of Biscay. In June 1943 they changed to Beaufighter X, flying from Predannack, Cornwall.

Wilkinson, J H Flight Lieutenant Many years ago had played for Swindon Town and is now playing in the Wing team. RAF Educational Branch, H-Midsummer-1943.

Willington, Tom Staff Sergeant Was in Palestine but based in Khartoum, H7-1947.

Willmoth, Gunner A E ACA Hon Auditor, skywatching somewhere in England, H4-1940.

cross Wilmore, Hubert Roy Memorial Book: Royal Air Force Hubert Roy Wilmore Born March the sixth 1922, entered the School September the twelfth, 1933 and left July the twenty-sixth, 1938. Served in the Royal Air Force, Bomber Command, from August 1941. 196 Squadron. Sergeant Air Gunner. Killed in operations over Germany March the thirtieth, 1943. CWG: Hubert Roy Wilmore RAFVR Sergeant Air Gunner 196 Squadron. 21 years. Died 30th March 1943. Service Number 1231055. Son of Hubert and Ann Wilmore, of Fulwood, Lancashire. Grave Reference: Plot 2, Row A, Coll. Grave 7-11, Laren (Barchem) General Cemetery. South east of Apeldoorn. 196 Squadron badge is a mailed fist holding a dagger, hilt downwards. The mailed fist indicates the power of bombing whilst the dagger being handed down indicates supply dropping. Motto: Sic fidem servamus Thus we keep Faith. It was a night bombing squadron flying, from January 1943, the Wellington X, based at Leconfield. On a raid to Bochum HE385 was shot down by a night fighter over Zwiep, Holland. There were no survivors.

Wilson, H Ball Nothing is yet known about this Old Boy other than that he was a fighter pilot, then entered civil aviation administration, and was alive in 1951.

Wilson, J S Lieutenant With the Guards in Italy. Son of Colonel J B Wilson of Fulwood.

Wilson, M C Officer in local 541 Squadron ATC, H-Christmas-1942, (see Great War).

Wilson, R P 'Tug'

Winwood, H C H7-1944.

Withington, Peter H Signal Training Regiment, Royal Artillery, H-Christmas-1942. Army October 2008 Newsletter.

Woodall, Mr left early in the term to join the Army, H12-1940.

Woodruff, T W RAF

Woods, B N REME Craftsman. Left PGS 1926. In India, H-Midsummer-1943.

Woods, G L Flight Sergeant G L Woods, RAFVR, aged 24, enlisted in July 1941 and has since done over 40 operational flights. He has been awarded the DFM in recognition of gallantry and devotion to duty, H7-1945.

cross Worsley, George Herbert Memorial Book: George Herbert Worsley Gordon Highlanders Born July the tenth, 1913, entered the School April the twenty-second, 1925 and left July the twenty-fourth, 1929. Served in The Gordon Highlanders, First Battalion, from 1939. Private. Died of wounds received in action near Caen in Normandy July the eighteenth, 1944. GWC: George Herbert Worsley Private Seaforth Highlanders 5th Battalion. 30 years. Died 18th July 1944. Service Number 3861315. Son of Herbert and Eleanor Mary Worsley, of Preston. Vice President, UK Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dancing. Grave Reference: IV A .L . 15 Ranville War Cemetery.

Worth, E Corporal is doing in the Army much as he did as a civilian, Sanitary Inspector, going from unit to unit giving advice, H12-1940.

Worth, Edwin Lieutenant, Royal Army Medical Corps.

Worthington, George W Royal Navy Scotland. In same camp as J S T Thornley.

Wyles, J L Athletic Section, since the end of last season has joined the Forces, H12-1940.