Yates, A D Army Major, Regular. Lieutenant A D Yates is in Japan with the War Crimes Commission, H7-1947. Lt-Col A D Yates presented a trophy to the School.

Yates, Arnold RAF

Yates, Cyril PGSA No 674, 2nd September 1940. 10 Lorraine Avenue, Preston. Entry September 1927, Leaving July 1932. Card: 1 Stratford Drive, Fulwood, Preston. 10 Lorraine Avenue, Preston PR2 3BL. Life Member. HM Forces. Aircraftsman, Flight Mechanic, H-Christmas-1942. RAF, brother of Norman. Aircraftsman, in Italy.

Yates, F May be Prisoner of War in Malaya.

Yates, Jack RAF Sgt Pilot Met his brother Ronald in Egypt. Trained in South Africa.

cross Yates, James Memorial Book Missing at sea, H-Midsummer-1942. Memorial Book: Royal Navy James Yates Born December the tenth, 1921, entered the School September the twelfth 1933 and left July the twenty-fourth, 1937. Served in the Royal Navy, His Majesty's Ships Raleigh, Drake, and Edinburgh, from June 1941. Ordinary Seamen. Missing presumed killed in a torpedo attack off Murmansk April the thirtieth, 1942. CWG: James Yates Ordinary Seaman Royal Navy. HMS Edinburgh. 20 years. Died 2nd May 1942. Service Number D/JX 286892. Son of James and Florence Yates of Penwortham, Lancashire. Memorial Reference: Panel 67 Column 3 Plymouth Naval Memorial. Served on HMS Edinburgh, sister ship to HMS Belfast now moored on the Thames at Tower Bridge. Edinburgh was launched by Swan Hunter on the Tyne on 31st March 1938, a 10,000 ton cruiser, 12 x 6" guns main armament, complement of 850. Was on Russia to UK convoy QP11 escort duty and was carrying £45 million in gold bullion payment by the Soviet Union for armaments being supplied. She was torpedoed in the Barents Sea by U-456, her stern being blown off. A tug was towing her back to the Kola Inlet at Murmansk when she and her escort were attacked by three German destroyers. Z-24 hit Edinburgh with another torpedo which had been aimed at one of the escorts. The cruiser still had one operational turret and her second salvo so badly damaged Hermann Schoemann that the Germans had to scuttle her. Edinburgh herself was now too badly damaged to save and had to be scuttled on 2nd May. There were 57 casualties in the two attacks. The bullion has since been recovered! HMSs Raleigh and Drake are Training Establishments.

Yates, Norman Company Sergeant Major, H-Christmas-1942. Met his brother Cyril in Italy.

Yates, Ronald Met his brother Jack in Egypt.

Youds, J Aircraftsman Likely to be sent overseas, H-Midsummer-1943.