Baker, R G H1-1950. SU

cross Balmer, J Brian Basic training, near Hereford, H-Spring-1951. Died suddenly 23rd November 1999 at his home. Married to Avis (Clark), daughter Ethnie (married to Andrew ...?), son Steven. Funeral service St Andrew's Church, 30th November 1999, committal at Preston Crematorium. He did his National Service in the RAF Police, Dog Handler. Employed by Lancashire County Council, County Planning Department, administrative officer in charge of the Filing, Mail, General Office. Took early retirement about 1985. Army

Bamber, Cyril Sergeant, Royal Army Education Corps, Austria, H1-1950. Army

Beardsworth, J A H1-1950. SU

Bell, C W RAF H1-1952. Training for a commission. Joined last August; on 11th January 1951 left London as one of the first party of 28 cadets to go to Canada for pilot training, H-Spring-1951. Temperatures range from 40° below to 80° in May. Army

Bennett, PGSOB goalkeeper called up in February, H7-1958. SU

Bennett, Trevor T Left PGS 1948, Solicitor, then his two years spent in the War Office, H1-1958. Army

Berry, G, Sergeant, Royal Army Education Corps, Trieste 1950. Army

Birchall, R M Six months Radio Mechanics course, Royal Signals, Catterick, 2½ hour test each week, H7-1950. Army

Bland, J Michael Lieutenant, electrical officer, Fleet Air Arm. RN

cross Bowes, Robert Aged 20, missing presumed drowned off Helensburgh on 1st January 1955 RN

Bradshaw, James David MB ChB, Flying Officer, Medical Branch. H7-1953 Army

Brewer, G LAC H1-1947. Army

Brindle, A W Bicester Ordnance Depot, playing golf, H-Spring-1951. Army

Brown, ex-ATC, training to be a pilot, H1-1950. Army