Tate, D L H1-1950. SU

Taylor, Lawrence (Larry) DOB: 18/05/1937 At School from 09/1948 to 07/1953 Goodair. Royal Military Police from 08/1957 until 17/05/1992 Ranks: Pte to Major (from 1964 onwards Special Investigation Branch). 1990 MBE for service in BAOR.

Thomas, B O Army, H1-1952. Army

Thomason, O N Learning Russian H1-1952. RAF

Thompson, J N H1-1950. SU

Till, Joseph Sergeant, Royal Army Education Corps, Vienna, H1-1950. Army

Topping, J AC1, Square-bashing at Bridgnorth; trade training at Wythall; RAF Staff College, Bracknell, H1-1950. RAF

Travis Seen at Wythall by J Topping. H1-1950. RAF

Turner, Alan 2nd Lieutenant, RASC, 1960. Army

Turner, J D 1951. SU