Walker, Derek B REM Radar Mechanic, H1-1950. RN

Walker, J B Sapper Regimental Police H7-1948 Army

Walton, John Butler Membership Register 1177, 24th November 1950. Pilot Officer, Education Officer, RAF Pembrey, RAF

Warburton, Stephen Andrew Pilot Officer Navigator 1963. RAF

Whalley, K Corporal In the Army, one of 100 soldiers chosen to spend time in the Navy to experience how one of the other Services lives. On 1st February left Portsmouth on board the destroyer HMS Myngs to rendezvous off St Catherine's Point where the Home Fleet was drawn up in two parallel lines and the new battleship HMS Vanguard, Flagship of the Fleet, steamed slowly between the lines. Then Gibraltar, Casablanca, Gibraltar, Portugal - Leixoes - back to UK where he prefers dry land under his feet, H7-1947 Army

Whittam, Peter H Spent most of his two years in Jordan and Cyprus, H7-1958. SU

Wiggins, G R ex-ATC, training to be a pilot, H1-1950. Officer Cadet, flying training on Prentices at Feltwell, Norfolk, H7-1950. Awarded his pilot's wings at No 3 Flying Training School, Feltwell, H7-1951. RAF

Wilkinson, P R Trooper, H1-1947. Army