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Visit to the National Memorial Arboretum - 15th September 2016

National Memorial Arboretum 2016

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Museum of Lancashire

On 23rd October 2013 22 Members and their guests gathered at the Museum of Lancashire for a guided tour, which began with a briefing session over coffee. They were then taken round the military section by a specialist, after which Charlotte Steels, the curator, introduced us to the mainly local archaeological section and the areas of the museum which dealt with local industrial history. A most enjoyable visit which is sure will be repeated in the future.
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On 21st October 2014 a repeat visit was made, to accommodate those interested personnel who had been unable to attend the previous year.
MOL visit
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Fulwood Barracks

(The Museum of The Queen's Lancashire Regiment)

January 2011

January 2012
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January 2013
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National Memorial Arboretum

On Thursday 17th September 2015 a small group travelled by coach to visit the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire. This proved to be an excellent visit to a really interesting venue, the only real problem being that there just wasn't enough time available to see everything on offer at the site.

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The Battlefields of the World Wars - WW1

On 5th October 2012, at 0500hrs, a group of 11 members of the Association, plus 3 guests, departed Preston on a 3-night, 4-day excursion to some of the Battlefields of WW1. To most of the participants it was a very emotional experience, especially at the evening ceremony at the Menin Gate in Ypres, where the party laid a wreath in memory of the PGSA members lost in the War. The wreath was laid by Trevor Sergeant and Dave Swindlehurst who each lost a grandfather on the Somme. Some of the photography, from Tony Olivine, Ian Mather and Dave Swindlehurst, can be seen alongside.
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The Battlefields of the World Wars - WW2

On 3rd October 2014, at 0400hrs, a group of 8 members of the Association, plus 2 guests, departed Preston on a 3-night, 4-day excursion to the Beaches of Normandy. A very interesting excursion was unfortunately marred by a member of the party becoming unwell, which precluded him and his wife from enjoying the experience, and concentrating the minds of the rest of the party. Photography alongside.

Preston North End Football Stadium (aka Deepdale)

On 21st February 2010, a cold winter Sunday, in spite of a bitter wind and frequent flurries of snow, 32 hardy souls, mainly from the Association, assembled in the National Football Museum. Trevor Sergeant, who had arranged the visit, divided the group into two smaller parties, each of which was led by a member of the Museum Staff on a conducted tour of the ground.

Most of those present had followed the fortunes of North End since their youth. Some were current season ticket holders and others were occasional visitors to Deepdale. Some had relatives who had been closely connected with the Club – one had a relative who had been a distinguished groundsman in the forties and fifties in the days when the ground was prevented from freezing by having lighted braziers on metal sheets; another had a relative who had been a Director; yet another had a father who used to supply the all-important half-time pies.

The guides were excellent. Not only were they extremely knowledgeable, but they imparted information in a brisk and friendly manner. They were approachable and patiently answered all questions without ever being patronising. The tour took us to parts of the ground that we had never seen. It was interesting to note the many differences between the Home and Away changing rooms in terms of space and facilities, and our minds drifted back to the facilities we knew down by the river at Walton. We were not allowed on the pitch because it was cosily wrapped in what was really a very large duvet, but we did get a sight of the impressive accommodation on the East side of the ground, and we revelled in the opportunity of going in the Directors’ Box and actually sitting in Sir Tom Finney’s seat. On our way back to the Museum, we visited the police section, and several had their photos taken in the cells.

It was then time for a delicious pie and a welcome hot drink. Most thought that this was the end of matters and represented tremendous value for the £2.50 we were charged. However, it turned out to be half time and one of the guides, Dave, took about a dozen of the party on a tour of the Football Museum. Whether this was planned, or an impromptu gesture, was not clear, but it was most enjoyable and we were very grateful because it provided us with the opportunity of visiting this splendid museum for what is likely to be the last time before it moves to Manchester. Whatever the rights and wrongs over closing the Grammar School, there is still some pain for those who went there, and, even after almost half a century, we still look back with nostalgia. The tour of the excellent National Football Museum served as a poignant reminder of what a wonderful facility is about to be lost.

The visit was a huge success and everyone enjoyed the tour. We enjoyed exploring areas of Deepdale that we had never seen and learning things about the Club, its history and organisation that we did not know, despite our association with North End over many years, and we are extremely grateful to the guides who showed us round.

Finally, we are indebted to Trevor Sergeant for masterminding such a splendid event which provided an opportunity for our Members to meet together in such interesting surroundings. Tony Olivine


In February 2011 the PGSA made a return visit to the Preston North End Football Stadium.

On 20th February 2014 the PGSA made a further visit to Preston North End Football Stadium. The visit coincided with the death of the Preston Plumber - the incomparable Sir Tom Finney - and the tributes left, by devastated PNE fans and Preston citizens alike, were wonderful to see.
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Moor Park High School and 6th Form College

Formerly Moor Park Business & Enterprise School
prior to that Northlands
originally Preston Grammar School
On 25th June 2009 a group of PGS old boys visited what had become Moor Park Business and Enterprise School, under the guidance of Old Boy and local historian Stephen Sartin. The original (1912) building is still basically in place, but has had a series of additions and expansions so that the tour was immensely interesting. Equally interesting was the improvement in teaching styles and facilities on display.

On 16th June 2010 PGSA made a return visit to Moor Park Business and Enterprise School.

PGSA Visit to Moor Park Business and Enterprise School June 2011.
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PGSA Visit to Moor Park Business and Enterprise School June 2012. The annual visit to the School by members of the Association took place on 13th June 2012.

PGSA Visit to Moor Park Business and Enterprise School June 2013
paschal lamb

Visit to Moor Park Business and Enterprise School 2nd July 2014
Welcome board

Visit to Moor Park High School and 6th Form College - 15th June 2017
schoolvisit 2017

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